For the Web.com eWorks! XL Services (the “Services”), along with the Services Agreement located at www.web.com/legal, the following additional terms and conditions also apply (collectively, the "Agreement"):

In accordance with the Services Web.com will build an eWorks! XL Website (the "eWorks! Website") with information provided by Customer. The eWorks! Website will consist of up to five (5) pages of content, whereby these pages can include a Contact Us page, a Map page and three (3) written pages with up to Two Hundred and Fifty (250) words of text and up to ten (10) images per page. Any additional pages and/or design work requested for the eWorks! Website will be quoted on a case-by-case basis at an hourly rate of Ninety-Nine Dollars ($99.00) per hour. Web.com will further provide a "1-800" tracking number associated with the eWorks! Website with up to two hundred (200) minutes per month of local and long distance telephone service. Web.com shall develop and host the eWorks! Website on a network server accessible on the Internet via an assigned domain name and shall register the eWorks! Website domain with several World Wide Web search engines. Services commencement is initiated on the basis of a recorded order verification, online acceptance or other method which indicates Customer's consent to Web.com provisioning the Services, and begins on the date that the eWorks! Website is available on the Internet.

As between Customer and Web.com, all Content provided by Customer to Web.com for inclusion to the eWorks! Website shall remain the sole and exclusive property of Customer. Customer acknowledges that all Content is owned by Customer or that Customer has a legal right to such Content and that such Content and the use thereof does not violate the Web.com Acceptable Use Policy in any way. With the exception of Customer's ownership interest as identified in the previous two (2) sentences, ownership interest to the eWorks! Website, including, but not limited to the domain name, HTML coding, scripting, copyrights, and all other intellectual property rights, shall remain exclusively with Web.com. Upon termination of the Services, should Customer desire to obtain ownership rights to the eWorks! Website, Customer must obtain express written permission from Web.com and Customer shall further remit a fee to Web.com for the assignment of these rights to the Website. Provided Customer is not in default of the Agreement and Customer is also current with respect to payments owed to Web.com, the fee to be remitted for this assignment will be One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00). This assignment to Customer of ownership rights to the eWorks! Website shall be limited to the actual portions of the eWorks! Website visible on the Internet and its underlying HTML coding as developed specifically for Customer by Web.com, and shall be sent to Customer via compact disc within thirty (30) days of remitting payment, but this assignment shall not include any rights to Web.com's software, trade secrets, methodologies, processes, proprietary functions, know-how, and all intellectual property including, but not limited to, all copyrights, trademarks, patents, and trade secrets related to Web.com's products or services, which shall remain the sole and exclusive property of Web.com and its respective suppliers, affiliates, partners, and/or licensors. For all images that are part of the eWorks! Website and assigned to Customer hereunder, Customer is granted permission to only use those images in the manner in which it is provided to Customer by Web.com (i.e. embedded in the eWorks! Website) and no other use of the images is permitted whatsoever. Moreover, upon assignment Web.com does not warrant the portability or functionality of the eWorks! Website in any way to or on any platform, hosting or otherwise, that is not provided by Web.com. Additionally, if Customer desires to purchase the domain name associated with the eWorks! Website, Customer agrees to pay Web.com an additional fee of Ninety Dollars ($90.00).