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SnapNames and Radix Announce Exclusive Partnership

Mar. 1, 2016

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., March 01, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SnapNames, a company (NASDAQ:WEB) and one of the world's largest domain name aftermarket companies, has teamed up with Radix, a major Registry Operator for a variety of memorable top-level domain extensions, for several exclusive auctions.

Radix will be placing a substantial amount of inventory up for auction exclusively through SnapNames, starting with .website domains, which can be downloaded on here. Bidding will start in March with minimum bids as low as $69.

It will be followed by .host, .press, and .pw names over the subsequent weeks.

The auctions will be ongoing, with rolling Order By dates. Any single bidder will be able to secure the domain automatically, while multi-bidder orders will continue on to a private 3-day auction to determine the winner.

.website is a truly global domain with more than 140,000 registrations across 191 countries. The word ‘website' is meaningful and understood across all languages. Furthermore, it has been among the most actively used domain extensions, consistently listed in CSC's Global Utilization Report as among the Top 10 TLDs by usage with 200 sites in Alexa 1 million.

The recent surge in demand in China has led to a huge increase in the popularity of Radix's .pw extension. The success of .host and .press can be attributed to leading hosting providers and journalism organizations adopting the extensions.

"The high-value domain extensions that Radix is bringing exclusively to SnapNames helps our customers stay a step ahead and carve out their place on the web," said Michael White, vice president, Operations for SnapNames. "Our customers are innovative, bold, and savvy. Partnerships with Registries like Radix are a natural step forward in our efforts to help them get the best domains on the market."

"We're very excited about partnering with SnapNames; expiring domains offer a great opportunity for domain investors to grab valuable domains in these extensions," said a Radix spokesperson. "There are some really valuable domains that we could have put into our registry reserve, but decided to offer them upon expiry instead."

Some of the .website names in the auction include:

Announcements will be made prior to additional extensions being added to the inventory.

About SnapNames
SnapNames is the web's domain name marketplace of choice throughout the world. We pioneered the first commercially available and patented technology for backordering registered domain names with our patented ‘drop catching' technology. Together with our partners and award-winning platform, we offer a selection of over 30 million domain names annually at price points to meet any budget. Our goal - to help our global customers get the domain name they want, when they need it! SnapNames is a company (NASDAQ:WEB).

About Radix
Radix is a leading Registry with exclusive rights to operate several new domain extensions, and has successfully launched .press, .host, .website, .space, .tech, .site, .online and .store. The company is an active participant in ICANN's process and has invested more than $30 million in securing licenses to operate its new extension. Radix's domains can be registered through any of any of its 95+ accredited registrars.

Media Contact:
  John Herbkersman
  [email protected]