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  • Massage Green Spa, Red Effect Infrared Fitness and Stretch Smart Infrared Therapy to accelerate their explosive growth through franchise models that innovatively integrate the sun’s healthiest natural infrared energy with spa treatments, fitness and therapeutic stretching.
  • for Enterprise is leveraging expertise to fuel quick growth, brand development through digital marketing solutions.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Nov. 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --, the marketing partner for businesses wanting to connect with more customers and grow, announced Wednesday an exclusive digital marketing partnership between for Enterprise, its division focused on franchise businesses, and three innovative and rapidly expanding health and wellness franchise concepts centered on the game-changing consumer benefits of infrared heat.

Red Effect Infrared FitnessMassage Green Spa and Stretch Smart Infrared Therapy have partnered with for Enterprise to bring the best digital marketing to their growing number of locations nationally. In addition to benefiting from enterprise-level strategic solutions, all locations will have the flexibility to pick from the services that best suit their respective needs, including lead-converting microsites, vigorous paid search campaigns, strategic social media advertising and overall digital optimization.

“Our new partnership with for Enterprise is going to enhance our aggressive franchise development plans both nationally and globally, and we are very excited to be engaged with the team,” said Founder and CEO Allie T. Mallad. “We truly believe that new relationships like this one with will create success, and success will always create more relationships for our franchisees and customers.”

As a renowned franchise icon of the three franchise brands, Mallad brings his significant franchising experience to the ambitious growth plans for Massage Green, Red Effect and Stretch Smart. Mallad is also co-owner of a fourth national brand, NutriMost Wellness & Weight Loss. Recognized as an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award winner, Mallad has amassed numerous prestigious industry awards and was named one of the Top 50 Franchisees in the U.S. by Nation’s Restaurant News Magazine.

“ for Enterprise has both the experience and the flexibility to help these franchise concepts attract new customers and fulfill their potential for growth,” said Denise Lynch, executive vice president of for Enterprise. “Our team is going to provide best-in-class digital marketing support so that the franchisees can focus on what’s most important – their customers.” for Enterprise will warm up the business for each location through the following services:

  • Build a presence for the three brands: The team will establish a scalable and professional website for each franchisee that will both accommodate growth and drive new customer traffic through their doors.
  • Drive a steady “buzz” for the brands: will help each franchisee develop a comprehensive marketing program that continuously generates quality leads, as creating interest and engagement before opening is critical to ensure introductory membership goals are met.
  • Craft a company-wide marketing platform: Knowing that network transparency is required in today’s franchise world, is developing a best-in-class platform for data and analytics for the brands.

For those interested in learning more about the brands and franchise opportunities, detailed information is available on these websites.

About Massage Green Spa

Massage Green Spa is celebrating its 10th anniversary as a national franchise brand and operates more than 75 spa locations in Michigan, California, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Texas, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Connecticut, Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. Massage Green Spa has more than 200 additional U.S. locations under contract in development. Massage Green Spa's consumer value proposition is affordable wellness.

About Stretch Smart Infrared Therapy Centers

Stretch Smart Infrared Therapy provides the opportunity to be a first mover of an unprecedented franchise concept. The company’s franchise model capitalizes on consumer brand proposition of fusing stretch and infrared therapies in the fast-growing boutique wellness market. The low cost of entry coupled with unique infrared synergy offers strategic competitive advantage and optimal consumer value for its membership-driven client base.

About Red Effect Infrared Fitness

Red Effect Infrared Fitness offers an unparalleled workout experience. The company is first to innovate and to market infrared therapy with the interval fitness training model. The infrared heat emitted throughout the Red Effect fitness studio warms the body naturally, which raises core body temperature and enhances the workout to produce a deep, healthy and detoxifying sweat at a cellular level where most toxins reside. The boutique fitness company is positioned to offer the absolute best fitness value in the world for those seeking optimal health and wellness. The Red Effect Interval Training workout combines three key components: incline trainers, water rowers and functional strength training in state-of-the-art fitness studios enhanced with infrared therapy. It's a one-of-a kind workout, designed to achieve and maintain heart rates in the target zones that stimulate the metabolism, increase energy and achieve an "after-burn" effect that can last up to 36 hours post workout.

About for Enterprise for Enterprise provides customized digital marketing solutions that scale to solve the unique challenges of franchised, multi-location and networked businesses. Under its previous names, for Enterprise worked with over 10,000 franchise locations and 150 national brands, empowering them with the online marketing tools they need to grow.

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