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Website Pros Announces the Immediate Availability of NetObjects Fusion® Version 9 for Building Better Websites Easily and Affordably with no HTML Knowledge Needed

November 9, 2005

JACKSONVILLE, FL (November 9, 2005) – Website Pros, the leading provider of website technology, services and internet solutions for small and medium sized businesses, today announced the availability of NetObjects Fusion 9. The newest version of the software introduces new features and tools that let novice users and experienced Web designers alike build sophisticated websites. No HTML knowledge is needed to use NetObjects Fusion.

Heralded as the website creation software for everyone, NetObjects Fusion generates code from a WYSIWYG environment and lets users create full-featured sites from a visual environment using drag-and-drop functionality. Other NetObjects Fusion hallmarks include logical site building steps to help get sites built quickly and efficiently; pixel-perfect results and built-in e-commerce functionality.

With NetObjects Fusion 9, Website Pros incorporated cutting-edge tools into the software's easy-to-use design environment enabling novices or experts to easily incorporate sophisticated capabilities such as RSS Feeds, and password protection to their website projects. Explains President and CEO David Brown, "With NetObjects Fusion 9, everyone from an experienced web developer to the online retailer and the PTA president is able to build a great-looking, well-functioning website. NetObjects Fusion 9 truly lets anyone build sites like a pro."

With NetObjects Fusion 9, users can:

Create Flash banners and Flash navigation features from within Fusion 9 with no previous Flash design experience required; users pick the font, colors, type of animation and more.

  • Integrate Google search functionality with drag and drop simplicity using Google's Web Search, SiteSearch and SafeSearch technology.

  • Offer "Email this page to a friend" option on sites, add FAQ, Testimonials, GuestBooks and create secure log-in pages.

  • Lock Design Regions and Site Content so that your website elements stay exactly where you want them.

  • Easily edit and manage text styles throughout the site using enhanced CSS (Cascading Site Styles) tools. Change font colors, sizes and also apply changes to database functions and forms.

  • Automatically save site versions on your Web server and easily roll back to previous versions in case of a mistake or problem.

  • Between now and December 15th, when customers purchase NetObjects Fusion 9, they also receive one free license of nPower®, the new website collaboration tool from Website Pros. With nPower, designers can enable their clients to make routine changes to their website, while protecting the creative design and integrity of the site.

Following is a list of features offered in NetObjects Fusion 9:

  • Lockable objects and design regions
  • Built-in Flash banners and navigation styles that offer the ability to view, edit and replay these key design elements in real-time without leaving NetObjects Fusion 9
  • Enhanced CSS capabilities, including the ability to launch an editing window for hand-coding definitions
  • Database display control using CSS to apply CSS definitions to iterators, navigators and other database display controls
  • Support for
  • Enhanced database functionality
  • Improved form control in one toolbar for easier accessibility and a new label, hidden field and file upload element; multi-platform support for forms has also been added to work with PHP or ASP
  • New eye dropper to match colors exactly
  • Integrated site rollback and version control
  • New form validation tools simplify scripting forms with drag and drop feature
  • New navigation options for more sophisticated functionality
  • Remote vs. local database profiling to set up test environments and easily switch from the local database environment to the live environment when ready
  • NetObjects Interactive Component Suite to keep sites fresh and up-to-date with the drag and drop capability of secure login pages, RSS Feeds, GuestBook, Email Page, Testimonials, Forms Handler, and FAQ Section; this new suite also provides the ability to add a search function to sites using Google Search

Supported Technologies
Macromedia ColdFusion
Apple QuickTime 4.0
CSS/Dynamic HTML
Macromedia Flash
Microsoft Active Server Pages
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.X or higher
Netscape Navigator 4.X or higher
RealNetworks RealAudio and RealVideo

Pricing and Availability

NetObjects Fusion 9 may be purchased at Upgrades are available for $104.95 ESD and full version pricing is $195.95.

About Website Pros, Inc.

Website Pros, Inc. is the leading provider of website building tools, services and internet solutions. The company offers a comprehensive suite of website design, customer support and technology tailored to the needs of small and medium sized businesses. Additionally, Website Pros partners with enterprise companies to help them build stronger, more profitable relationships with their business customers. Website Pros is publicly traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the symbol WSPI. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Website Pros can be reached by calling 1-800-GET-SITE. More information is available at