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What's in a Domain Name? Owner of Sees 'Un-President-ed' Spike in Site Traffic

October 17, 2008

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Oct. 17, 2008 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- There's no debating the popularity of "Joe the Plumber" these days; just ask the business which owns the domain name, Joe Francis of Amarillo, TX, owns and operates "Joe the Plumber," also known as "the friendliest plumber in town." Since the final presidential debate, his company's website has been inundated with thousands of hits, surprising even the site's host company,, and reinforcing the fact that a great domain and strong online presence is essential for small and medium-sized businesses.

"Joe's traffic went from 0-60 within seconds after the debate," said Jeff Stibel, President of " got so many hits that a couple of our support team members got whiplash from all of the activity. While it's true that is a leading provider of comprehensive online marketing solutions, and we see a lot of success stories, this exceeded even our expectations."

Joe's company averaged a healthy amount of hits per month before the debate, so the landslide of visitors has been a wonderful surprise. He employs a team of licensed plumbers who excel at plumbing & heating systems installation, preventive maintenance and repairs, bathroom & kitchen remodeling, 24-Hour emergency service, drain cleaning, water heaters and equipment connections.

Joe wasn't home during the debate, although he did record it. The response was instantaneous and overwhelming.

"I was really impressed that my site didn't crash and that folks told me they had no trouble accessing it," said Mr. Francis. "A lot of people have asked me who I'm going to vote for and for my opinion on the economy. All I know is that I was able to succeed in business through hard work. My customers know they're going to get quality work at a fair price."

Joe is taking his new prominence in stride. Those interested can order a t-shirt from his site, which features his "Joe the Plumber" logo modified to read "Joe the President."

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