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Writing is an art that requires both skill and talent to evoke the reader’s emotions. But sometimes, writing takes time and the ideas ebb and flow resulting in frustration or a slow-moving process. That’s when an AI content tool comes into play! Using an AI writing tool for your web content, ad copies, social media copies, and other types of content can help you save both time and resources.   

So, how do you maximize an AI content writer? Especially’s? Find out as you read further.  

What is an Online AI Writer?

An online AI writer is a content generator that can generate copy for websites, blogs, pay-per-click (PPC) ad copies, product descriptions, and more. Creative content can help you target small business customers online. Moreover, you don’t need to rack your brain for ideas as the AI tool creates content for you quickly. 

Because of the recent revolutionary work in AI, AI-powered content tools are now capable of setting the topic, content type, and tone that aligns with any type of campaign.   

Tools like this are pivotal in content marketing because through content, you can easily help customers make informed decisions while building a trusting relationship. Aside from that, content also helps you build your reputation online and demonstrate your authority in a particular niche. 

With an AI writer, you can create engaging copy that resonates with your audience, saves time, and ensures a professional online presence. 

What Is’s AI Writer?’s AI Writer is an AI-powered content generator that can write copy for websites, blogs, ads, social media posts, and more. Creating content must be tailored to its purpose, target audience, and language. Here are the different customization features of our AI Content Writer: 

  • Languages. Generate content in over 10+ languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Ukrainian, etc.). 
  • Content type options. Create content according to its purpose (blog/SEO article, landing page, meta descriptions, meta titles, meta keywords, PPC ad, product description, etc.). 
  • Tones. Create a sense of character in your content with different tones (assertive, candid, casual, convincing, critical, enthusiastic, etc.) 
  • Optional fields. In this section, you can add relevant keyword phrases, business name, and business location to optimize the generated content for search engines and local search results.   
  • Total customization. With this tool, you’re able to edit any output it might have. Want to tweak a sentence before you apply it to your website? You can do it. Want to swap out a couple words here and there? You can do it! Whatever the AI Writer tool puts out, you can always customize! 

5 Benefits of Using’s AI Writing Tool 

There are many other similar tools out there but here are the things that make our AI Writer the best choice:  

Saves time and money

Creating copies from scratch can take a lot of time and money, especially if you’re hiring a content writer. Why? Because coming up with content requires tedious researching, writing, and editing. But with the AI Writer, everything is automated, and output is delivered fast. You get more time to devote to other important tasks because’s AI Writer simplifies the process.  

Helps overcome writer’s block

All writers experience writer’s block. This affects the writer’s ability to focus on the task at hand for a few reasons: lack of motivation, perfectionism, stress, and fear of failure. An AI doesn’t experience this because it doesn’t have human emotions. Hence, you won’t have to worry about the AI running out of ideas.  


The AI Content Writer can produce long or short copies, depending on your needs. What’s even better is that you get the same top-quality content regardless of a long blog post or a short social media post. 

Creates compelling headlines, ads, and social media copy  

Eye-catching headlines, ad copies, and social media copies must be compelling to prompt your readers to take a specific action (e.g., clicking an ad, clicking a link on a social media post, etc.). This can bring or attract new customers to your website. However, you should see to it that every landing page is creative enough for your visitors to stay long enough. 

Easy-to-use interface  

User experience is a priority at, so we’ve made sure that the tool’s interface is user-friendly. You’ll find the options and the modifications easily accessible, whether you use the AI Writer standalone feature or within the integrated areas. Once the important details are there, you can click Generate Idea to create the content that you need.  

How can you get the AI Content Writer? 

The AI Content Writer is an inclusion of all our web packages. Aside from that, you can also get access to this tool in our scheduling tool, MySchedulr (Marketing + Appointments).  

Speed up content production with’s AI Content Writer 

Creating website content can take up a huge chunk of your time and resources. This is crucial especially if you’re running a small business with limited time and resources. Using’s AI Content Writer allows you to generate winning content that converts. With it, you can choose the tone, select the content type, add keyword phrases, decide on the topic, and select how many content variants you want it to produce at once. 

Nervous about how Google will view your AI content? Our article on How To Make Your AI Content Undetectable is the perfect next read to ease your mind! 

Creating website copy has never been this easy! Our AI Content Writer is available with any of our website plans!  

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