How to get moms to buy from your eCommerce website

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It’s no secret that moms are huge online shoppers. Whether they’re new moms of infants, in the throes of child-rearing or starting to shepherd their kids through college, mothers are busy and save time by going online to purchase products instead of running from store to store. How can you attract this valuable shopper demographic to your ecommerce website?

Designing a mobile-friendly website is the first step, according to a report by Salsify. The study found that moms are 30 percent more likely than other consumer groups to use their smartphones to shop and 43 percent more likely to actually make a purchase on their phones.

Factors that make a difference to mobile-shopping moms include:

  • A site that’s easy to navigate. Keep in mind, moms frequently use their phones one-handed as they juggle infants or steer strollers. Make sure your ecommerce website is easy to navigate with just one thumb! If it takes too long or is too awkward to find the product they’re looking for, moms in the study say they won’t stick around.
  • A site that loads fast. If your website doesn’t load quickly, the study found, moms will abandon your site and go somewhere else. The average mom visits just one or two sites before making a decision.
  • Photos and videos optimized for mobile. If you use videos, include captions so moms can glean the relevant information even with the sound turned off — they are often viewing your site in public and don’t want to be disruptive.

Want to capture the attention of younger moms? Then you need to use social media marketing. The study reports that Millennial moms are 44 percent more likely to look for products they’ve seen endorsed by others on social media. Paid advertisements on Facebook or getting your ecommerce website mentioned by social media influencers that moms look up to can make a huge difference in getting Millennial mothers to your site.

What else do moms look for on an ecommerce website? During the researching/browsing phase, the most important elements are (in order) detailed product descriptions, ratings/reviews and photos. Moms in the study say they prefer to see a minimum of three photos and five or more reviews/ratings.

Because moms do a lot of research before they buy, include features that allow them to bookmark products easily, pin them on Pinterest, share them with others to get opinions or store them in a shopping cart for the future.

Find out how can build an ecommerce website for you and make your website mobile-friendly.

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