4 automated emails your small business needs to send

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Want to greatly boost lead generation and conversion rates? One word: Email. Take it a step farther, and use automated email to save you precious time. The Epsilon Email Institute found that automated email messages average 70.5% higher open rates and 152% higher click rates. Wow!

According to some nice stats I found while tooling about the Internet, here are four automated emails your small business needs to send:

  1. Welcome emails

Consider these lovely little numbers:

If you only do one automated email, make sure it’s this one! When you write your welcome email, keep it short and super friendly, feel free to show your excitement, thank them for joining your list, and give them a special offer or exclusive content they can’t get anywhere else. Oh, and be sure to include social follow buttons.

2. Welcome back emails

Track the people on your list who haven’t opened or clicked on an email (or made a purchase in the last year). Send them a welcome back email that includes a note about how “we’ve missed you” and special offer to buy or re-engage them. This tactic works: 45% of those who receive welcome back (or win back) emails read subsequent messages.

3. Thank you emails

Thank you emails generate 13x more revenue than other promotional emails. You couldn’t have grown to where you are without your wonderful clients, so show them a little love with a thank you email. You can send one after they make a purchase/engage you, download content, or take some other action.

4. Birthday emails

Capture people’s birthdays when they subscribe to your list, and send them a special happy birthday message plus a birthday offer on their big day. Birthday emails lift conversion rates by 60% over other mailings with the same offer.

What kinds of automated emails do you send? What kinds of results have you enjoyed?

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