The best website designs for restaurants in 2021

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Key Takeaways

  • The best website designs make your restaurant brand stronger and attract more diners.
  • To get more customers in an unusual time, you need to stand out online.
  • The website builder makes creating and editing your perfect restaurant website simple and easy.

Having a great website for your restaurant business is more important now than ever. Many people are choosing to eat at home instead of at restaurants and your website could be a big factor in whether they choose to make an exception for yours.

When a customer lands on your website, you want them to feel you have the best food around, and to appreciate the ease and simplicity of your ordering process. To come up with an exceptional website design, it often helps to have a little inspiration. Here are some standout websites to help you come up with the perfect vision for your online presence in 2021 and beyond.

Inspiring Restaurant Website Designs

Mojos Tacos is a clean-looking website with an appealing design that displays all of the information a curious customer might be looking for right in the navigation bar. 

Salt Life Food Shack is a restaurant local to the Jacksonville, Florida, area that has great seafood options. Their website highlights the different daily specials on the homepage to encourage potential customers to take advantage of daily specials. 

Fresh Kitchen

The Fresh Kitchen website is a good example of properly displaying a brand by having everything in the right brand colors and style. It also displays a very clear order online button directly in the center of the page making it easy for customers to order.  

Mendocino Farms website is a great example displaying their priorities of safety right at the top of the homepage, as well as displaying a clearly visible ordering option.

Vale Food Co. is a health food restaurant concept serving up bold, innovative flavors in a fast, casual setting. Their website proudly displays their unique style and gives customers a sneak peek as to what to expect when they walk in.

How to Create the Best Website Design for Your Restaurant

  • You want your customers to order quickly before they’re struck with a case of ‘eating indecision’ and change their minds. To that end, your site should be simple, with five basic sections: a homepage, an about us page, your menu and a contact or online ordering page. Your navigation should be straightforward, and you should include an order button on every page if you offer online ordering.
  • Lead every page with the most important information and details about ordering and your offerings.
  • Include plenty of great-looking images of your food. Make sure food images are not dimly lit. Poorly lit photos can make clean restaurants look dingy, and make delicious meals appear less than appealing. When in doubt, you should always hire an experienced food photographer.
  • Create a page that presents your menu and pricing all on one page so that all the information in one place. When website visitors don’t have to spend extra time searching through your site, they can focus on what they want to eat.

Make Your Restaurant Website Design Appetizing for All

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Start by exploring our menu of beautiful website templates or reach out to the team and let us help you start cooking up online success. From registering domain names and designing new websites, to building online stores and boosting your search engine rank with SEO tools, we’ve got you covered from soup to nuts.

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