The 5 biggest blogging mistakes small business owners make

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Every week, I talk to small business owners – all clients or potential clients – about their blogs. Every week, I see people making the same mistakes over and over and over again.

Are you making one of these five biggest blogging mistakes? If so, no worries – I’ll tell you how to fix them.

1. No clue what keywords they’re being found for

Why it’s a problem: When someone is searching for information on your main area of expertise, they plug keywords into a search engine. Unless your blog post includes that keyword, it won’t show up in search results.

How to fix it: Work with an SEO specialist or digital marketer to discover the keywords people are actually finding you for, not what you think they’re using.

2. Winging it when it comes to photos

Why it’s a problem: Gorgeous images are so important to include in a blog post. They’re important for search rankings (because humans love visuals, search engines do, too) and for general engagement.

How to fix it: Because you can’t just take what you find on the Internet and stick in your blog – that’s stealing – fork over a few dollars and subscribe to a stock photo site.

3. Publishing sporadically

Why it’s a problem: When someone comes to your website to learn more about you, they’ll poke around a bit. They’ll probably look at your blog. If you only have four posts on there – and they’re all from last year – it looks kind of sad. And it definitely does not inspire confidence in your ability to deliver on projects.

How to fix it: Block off time on your calendar to write and publish blog posts. This is an important investment in your business and your reputation.

4. Writing about the company only

Why it’s a problem: Your blog is not a megaphone, it’s a conversation. People will only read, share, and otherwise engage with your blog posts if they deliver value to your audience.

How to fix it: If you want to trumpet company news, awards you won, etc., include the information on your About page. Leave your blog posts for educational and actionable information that your audience can use.

5. Thinking, “If I write it, they will come.”

Why it’s a problem: New content is created and published every micro-second of every day. Unless you are an A-List celebrity, the world will not flock to your blog. Heck, they won’t even notice it’s there.

How to fix the problem: First, make sure you have an RSS button so people can subscribe to your blog.

Then, promote the heck out of your blog posts. Ask your clients to subscribe. Share posts on social media – not once, but numerous times. Include teasers in your monthly newsletter. Feature your latest post on your home page. Use the most valuable posts in social ads. Include a call-to-action to subscribe to in your email signature.

What are you struggling with when it comes to blogging?

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