Top content marketing challenges for b2c companies

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While more business-to-consumer (B2C) businesses are using content marketing this year than last, they continue to face challenges assessing the ROI of their content marketing efforts, reports a recent study, B2C Content Marketing: 2015 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends—North America

What are the biggest problems B2C companies face when it comes to content marketing?

  • Tracking ROI: Just 23 percent of respondents say they are successful at this. No wonder—21 percent admit they don’t monitor ROI at all.
  • Measuring content effectiveness: 51 percent say assessing the effectiveness of various types of content is difficult.
  • Producing engaging content: 50 percent struggle to do so.
  • Producing content consistently is a challenge for 44 percent of respondents.
  • Producing sufficient variety of content is difficult for 40 percent.

B2C marketers are facing more demands and have higher expectations for their content than last year. Forty-three percent report they are producing more content than in 2013, and 24 percent are producing “significantly more.” With a need for more–and more sophisticated–content, the difficulty in finding skilled content marketing professionals has increased. Last year, just 10 percent said this was a key challenge; this year, 32 percent have trouble finding adequately knowledgeable content marketers.

How can you improve your small business’ success with content marketing?

Have a documented content marketing strategy. Businesses with a written content marketing strategy in place are vastly more effective at a wide range of measures, more likely to feel that their content marketing is working and less likely to struggle with creating engaging content. For example, 43 percent of those with a written strategy say they are good at tracking ROI, vs. just 3 percent of those without a strategy.

Even a verbal content marketing strategy will generally get better results than no strategy at all. Unfortunately, only 27 percent of B2C content marketers have a written content marketing strategy in place.

Use search engine marketing. While 71 percent of B2C marketers use print or other offline promotion, just 46 percent of them say it’s effective. In fact, the most effective tactic they cite for distributing their content is search engine marketing. Using relevant keywords to attract your desired prospects and drive them to your content is an affordable way to spread your content—and spread the word about your business.

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