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A few months ago, fun and completely silly online quizzes were constantly appearing in my Facebook news feed (at least it felt like it!). And that got me thinking about what it takes to create a fun and useful online quiz for your brand or small business.

Here’s how to do it:

Start with a goal

At risk of sounding like a broken record (again), only create an online quiz if it can help you reach a business goal. The goal could be to:

  • Increase your reach and engagement levels on social media
  • Use the quiz on a landing page
  • Link to the quiz from online ads
  • Help prospects see the gaps in their knowledge (which your expertise can fill)
  • Learn more about a specific target market

No matter what, do not start anything marketing-related without tying it to a goal.

Decide whether you want to go DIY or custom

Depending on your time and budget constraints (or lack thereof), you can either do it yourself or ask an expert to create a quiz for you.

If you go the DIY route, look for useful features (can you publish it on your website?) and design options (can you tie your quiz’s look to your brand’s visual identity?). And, of course, make sure it has metrics baked into it.

If you go the custom route, ask about all of the above – features, options, design services, and analytics – plus pricing and support.

Choose a platform

Here’s a look at three options:


Spend five minutes with their online quiz creator, and you’ll have your first online quiz ready to go (they have a pretty comprehensive algorithm-based data set to pull from). They also offer the ability to add photos and videos. You can even work directly with QuizWorks for custom quiz development.


QuizMaker requires a bit more work on your end. After selecting a quiz type, add a question and the answers, and repeat. You can also create a personality/outcome quiz by assigning a personality/outcome to each answer.

FreeOnline Survey

If you’re looking for features galore, you’ve come to the right place. This platform’s online quiz-builder tool has the features already mentioned above, plus social integration, live results analysis, and advanced benchmarking analytics.

Have you ever created an online quiz for your brand? How did it help you reach your business goals?

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