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As much as I would love to create my own graphics and images for all of the blog posts I write (and to share on social media), I am a copywriter, not a graphic designer. Yes, I’d love to take my rudimentary graphic design skills up to an intermediate level, but between running a business, managing a team, producing content, interfacing with clients (you see where this is going, don’t you?), I don’t have time to learn even beginner graphic design skills.

Are you in the same boat? Wondering how to create interesting, fun, and highly shareable visual content for social media?

Well, guess what – I have both ideas and tools to help you do it!

Here are four basic but interesting ideas that go way beyond sharing yet another photo of your dog “helping” you work (ahem, guilty):

Turn text into a graphic

You can turn favorite catchphrases and quotes or your own tips, advice, and lists into a beautiful graphic that is also super valuable and helpful – and therefore shareable. (I created this blog post’s graphic using Quozio.)

Tools to try: Canva, Recite, Quozio

Make statistics pretty

Put all of those awesome statistics and data you have gathered into one fabulous infographic yourself. Bonus: You can share snippets from the infographic, too.

Tool to try: Piktochart, Infogram

Have fun with words

Did you know you can create your own word clouds? Or that you can generate your own meme using an image that is already in heavy rotation –and thus very recognizable (hello Grumpy Cat!)?

Tools to try: Wordle, imgflip Meme Generator

Overlay words on a photo

Trick out your photos by adding text. Aviary is a photo app that lets you play around with filters, frames, etc. (just like Instagram), but you can also add text to your photo or overlay it with stickers.

Tool to try: Aviary

I am sure I missed some, so what other tools do you use to create shareable visual content for social media?

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