Why do customers subscribe to marketing emails?

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What are consumers hoping to get when they subscribe to marketing emails from your business? Knowing the answers could help you get more subscribers—not to mention getting your current subscribers to act more frequently. A study by Ask Your Target Market offers some insights into consumers’ behavior when it comes to email marketing. Here’s what they found:

  • 35 percent of respondents subscribe to many different email newsletters from their favorite brands or businesses.
  • 36 percent subscribe to just one or two email newsletters.
  • 11 percent don’t subscribe to any email newsletters, but occasionally get emails from businesses anyway.

Why do consumers choose to subscribe to email newsletters? By far the biggest reason is mercenary:

  • 80 percent subscribe to email newsletters to get coupons or discounts from their favorite brands.
  • 48 percent subscribe to get information about new products or services from favorite brands.
  • 30 percent subscribe just because they like the brand(s).
  • 26 percent subscribe in order to get interesting articles or content.
  • 22 percent subscribe in order to keep up-to-date about the company in general.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how often users typically open and read email newsletters:

  • 39 percent read most of the email newsletters they get.
  • 31 percent read about half of the email newsletters they get.
  • 12 percent always read every email newsletter they get.
  • 17 percent rarely read email newsletters; just 2 percent never do.

In other words, a whopping 82 percent sometimes or always read their email newsletters! But how often does that convert to a purchase? Well, pretty often. Almost six in 10 (58 percent) say they sometimes make purchases because of emails they get from a business; 6 percent do so often. Only 27 say they rarely make a purchase due to an email, and 9 percent never do.

There are some clear takeaways from this study.

  • First, email newsletters are effective—almost always getting read and, more often than not, leading to a purchase.
  • Second, most customers don’t subscribe to a newsletter out of the goodness of their hearts—they want something in return. Give them a discount or deal to make it worth their while (at least when they first sign up) and, if their actions as a result of emails flag, sweeten the pot periodically with new offers they can’t resist.
  • Finally, money isn’t the only motivator for subscribing to email newsletters—consumers also want to learn what’s going on with your business and get early alerts of new products and services. Make your newsletter subscribers feel “in the know,” and you’ll boost their loyalty to your business.
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