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Key Takeaways

  • Finding a safe, secure home for your small business website can be a confusing process. 
  • Good web hosting providers will keep your site running strong and protect your business data.
  • offers convenient web hosting services that grow with the needs of your site. 

You’ve registered a domain name and built a beautiful website that will be the center of your brand and your online home base. That’s the fun part, right? Now you need a place for your site to call home and are looking for a web hosting provider. Web hosting is a critical factor in your website’s performance, so it’s important to make the right choice.

When customers and prospects visit your website, they’re looking for a layout that’s easy to navigate, so they can find what they came for right away. Factors like how quickly graphics load on a page and how fast they can make a purchase in your online store will determine whether they want to come back, which is where the quality of your web hosting comes in.

To help you better understand why choosing a solid web hosting provider is important for your business website, here are some common myths to watch out for.

Myth #1: All Web Hosting Providers are the Same

Your web host provides a safe, secure home on a server or system of servers for your website files and makes them accessible to people through the internet. While the process is similar for every web hosting experience, the level of service you receive from each host will vary. 

Some hosts expect you to know about things like website development and maintenance, which you just don’t have time to take on as a small business owner. Other hosts make things easier on you by providing tools like File Transfer Protocol (FTP) that allow you to transfer and upload website files from your computer to the host’s server without having to know the ins and outs of technical computer programming. Look for a website host that offers high levels of service instead of simply choosing a low-cost option. Ultimately, the best host for you is one that makes the process easy and something you rarely have to think about. 

Myth #2: Any Web Hosting Features Will Be “Good Enough”

Some cars are built for speed, high performance and reliability while others are designed to simply get you from Point A to Point B. Website hosts are similar in that they offer specific services that can directly affect the way your website will perform online. Here are some features to consider.

Look for a plan that offers at least 99.9 percent uptime (meaning your site is almost always up and accessible online) and a redundant server system. This means that if one of the servers your website files are housed on fails for any reason, your site data will be quickly shifted to another server resulting in little or no downtime. 

A reference to the speed of your network, a higher bandwidth means that the server housing your site has a greater storage capacity. This allows more visitors to access your website at the same time, while maintaining a smooth and positive user experience. 

Data Storage
This is the disc space on a server that your website requires to operate. Ideally, you will want unlimited data storage to ensure that your web hosting server always has the capacity to grow with the future needs of your site. 

A critical element for protecting your website files, backup services ensure that your site data can be quickly restored in the event of a cyberattack or server crash. Look for a company that offers this service daily so your site is always protected. 

Content Management
This feature makes it fast and easy to quickly upload and post everything from new blogs and product updates to graphics and videos. Having a content management system means you don’t have to understand computer programming to add or reconfigure your website elements. 

Myth #3: Small Businesses Don’t Have To Worry About Website Security

While two-thirds of all small business owners believe this to be true, nearly 70 percent of all small businesses have recently experienced costly cyberattacks or data breaches. When this happens, your business and customer data can be compromised by hackers who use this information with bad intentions. Security features are a necessary part of protecting your website and data files. 

You need a website host that backs up your website files on a daily basis to ensure your site data is damaged or stolen, it can quickly be restored. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certification adds encryption to your site and safeguards your personal and website visitor data. Finally, it is also important to have malware protection to scan for and remove malicious software.

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Myth #4: Low-Cost Domain Hosting Means the Service is Not High Quality

While the skeptic in you may feel that this is too good to be true, there are many reputable and well-established resources that provide free web hosting when you also use their web builder to create your site. Web hosts often offer package deals that include features like professional email accounts, cybersecurity tools and eCommerce options. 

These businesses do this to get your attention and offer you more for your investment. However, don’t discount the fact that this may actually be a great deal. Find a company that has an established track record of customer satisfaction and offers attentive technical support should you have questions along the way. 

Myth #5: Transferring a Website to a New Web Hosting Provider  is Difficult

This may be true in some instances, but many web hosts make this process fast and easy. When you are switching your website to a new host, you will need to move your website files and the website’s databases (if any) and configure your website application to work with the new host. You must also redirect your Domain Name System (DNS) to your new host. 

While this may sound like a complicated process, the good news is that with your authorization, your new web host should be able to take care of these details for you. You will need to provide access to your website files and other content but a good web host should be able to complete the process. 

Myth #6: Web Hosting is Expensive

While web hosting can actually be free of charge with some web builder packages, if you already have a site, you can still find package deals for hosting. Expect to pay anywhere from six to 10 dollars a month for hosting services that also may include FTP accounts to make uploading your website files fast and easy and a professional email account that allows you to communicate with customers and vendors with a web address that reflects your domain name. 

Trust for Your Small Business Web Hosting Needs

As an online marketing specialist for small businesses, has website hosting plans designed to fit the needs of your business. These hosting plans offer 99.9 percent website uptime, content management applications, a professional email account, eCommerce options and more. Reliable and affordable, web hosting is a great way to make the most of your budget while securing an online presence that attracts customers and generates revenue.

Believe in Better Web Hosting Options

While there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about web hosting, there are easy and affordable solutions available. When you’re looking for the right place to house your website, is ready to help with web hosting solutions that will make you feel right at home. 

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