5 easy ways to create a brand customers love

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Want your brand to stand out from the competition? You have so many options, tools, and methods at your disposal when it comes to creating a brand that customers love. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be hard, complicated, and/or expensive. Here are five easy ways to create a brand customers lov

1. Listen

How can you give your customers what they want if you don’t listen to them? That’s really a trick question, because the answer is, “You can’t.” Listening in 2016 means paying attention to what your customers are saying on social media and review sites.

  • Do they love your new video series?
  • Are they sharing your new line of products with their friends?
  • Are they commenting on and responding to the information you post?

Take note of what they love – and do more of that. Consider cutting anything they don’t respond to, whether it’s a product, service, or marketing campaign.

2. Be personal

Every once in a while, send your customers a personal note from you. Depending on your business and the size of your customer base, you could write a short email (plain text – no fancy templates) or a handwritten note. All you have to do is say hi, thanks for being a customer, and let me know how I can help. This small gesture will make a big impact.

3. Be helpful

You know what your customers are buying. You know what coupons they’re using and what campaigns they’re responding to. Use this intel to segment your customers so you can send them:

  • Suggestions for other products they might love based on previous purchases
  • Information they might find valuable, like cleaning instructions, how-to guides, or additional uses for the product that other customers have shared
  • A list of your trusted sources for related products and services

4. Ask for feedback

You can ask for feedback in numerous ways: in person, surveys sent via email, customer comment cards, a website form. Follow up with customers to gain additional information. Bounce the ideas off other customers and your employees. By showing you genuinely care, your efforts will be rewarded with customer loyalty.

5. Be “real”

While it is always lovely to inspire your customers, be careful to not get carried away. There’s a fine line between inspiration and unattainable perfection. The more you show that you understand your customers – their challenges, their realities, their wants and needs – the more relatable you’ll be, and the more your customers will love you.

What are you doing to create a brand customers love?

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