How an eCommerce website helped ice cream on grand aspire for online success

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Syed and Victoria Rizvi have grand amazing dreams for their ice cream business, Ice Cream on Grand. Already a staple in the summer scene of Englewood, New Jersey, the couple dreams of shipping out their artisan ice cream to beyond their hometown. To do that, they opted to get a presence online that will provide for them the eCommerce they need for their dreams to come true. “When it comes to eCommerce with shipping, we’re definitely with,” exclaims Victoria. And this seems to be only the beginning of an epic ice cream empire.

Getting ice cream online

For Victoria, getting a website was a no brainer. “You cannot have a business without a website,” Victoria believes. “Business is mostly technology driven.” Victoria shares that they would do ice cream cakes and had wanted customers to order online. “On the first year we built our website, we just wanted to show our products. Everyone else was doing it,” Victoria shares. “Ironically, I have another job where we build websites for pharmaceutical companies. But I still chose to host our ice cream business’ website.”

In the beginning, Victoria did everything herself. “At first, we did a DIY website builder because we did not have an online shop. Then when we decided to do online ordering, we converted to an eCommerce package.” The Rizvis decided that since they wanted to offer more to their customers, they needed professional help. “What we wanted was very, very complicated so I had to meet with a couple of’s specialists. And the priority was making sure that our store’s credit card transactions were secure. I would never want to do that myself, so I wanted Web. com to do it. We never had any problems. It was great.”

Rising above restrictions

During the first year of the pandemic, the shop lost 70% of business profits. When food businesses could operate again, the couple thought of ways to navigate around the restrictions.

While Ice Cream on Grand is currently utilizing an online POS service for their takeout and drive-thru orders, they are staying with to utilize their pint-shipping dreams. “We wanted to start selling pints online and shipping them everywhere.” The couple decided to keep the website they built with and revitalize it with their plans in mind. “We don’t want to go anywhere else. We don’t want to lose what we have built together.”

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To the Web and Beyond

“My husband’s dream was to rebuild the shop to create a larger space for production and shipping.” This could become a reality for the Rizvis sooner rather than later. Through all the changes and growth plans, Victoria believes one thing remains: “We can count on to help us with the website through all that.

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