Money matters: how to make sure your eCommerce works best for your customers

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Key Takeaways

  • With more people shopping online than ever, having an easy-to-access online store is essential for the ongoing success of your business.
  • You need to create an eCommerce site that makes transactions fast and easy for your customers in a safe, secure online space. 
  • can help you easily and affordably create an eCommerce site to gain more customers, generate greater revenue and build your brand. 

When shopping online, consumers expect an easy, convenient and hassle-free eCommerce experience or they will look elsewhere. It is that simple. In fact, 80 percent of people will stop doing business with a company because of a poor customer experience, which includes online experiences. With that number in mind, you need to make your eCommerce store work best for your customers, which will ultimately translate into more sales for your business. To keep your customers clicking and your business ticking, here are five areas you should focus on.


Think of your eCommerce site as a physical, brick-and-mortar building. Be sure it has everything necessary to make customer purchases fast and easy, bearing in mind that a good first impression is everything. Have you ever been instantly turned off as you walked into a physical store that was unkempt and not well organized? It’s the same thing with a cluttered, unprofessional eCommerce site.

A clean, visually appealing and organized online store shows the customer you care about your site and your customers. An outstanding website design sends a positive signal to online customers that you have their wants and needs in mind. This can lead to positive online reviews which many people say is an important factor in the customer buyer journey and can help you generate greater revenue. 

Everything you post on your online store should be eye-catching and attention-getting to attract purchase-minded customers. With our eCommerce Website Builder, you will have a polished and professional site that attracts customers and grows your business.


Your customers have a need for speed. Over 70 percent of customers say load speed impacts buying decisions. In addition, 80 percent of customers find a site that consistently runs slow is more frustrating than a website that is temporarily down, while 73 percent would likely try another website. A plodding, slow loading eCommerce page will have online shoppers quickly leaving your site and surfing over to your competitors. 

Customers want to quickly click around your eCommerce site and appreciate having information delivered to them at lightning speed. Fast load speeds boost visitor engagement, keep customers on your site and increase sales. Use tools like Page Speed Insights from Google and Pingdom Page Speed to determine and improve your site speed. Also, consider getting a professional custom business email address so your customers know your email is safe to open and actually from your company.

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In addition to wanting your customers to have an easy online shopping experience, you’ll want to ease their minds about security. The surge in eCommerce transactions has led to new security threats during the COVID-19 economy

Customers need to have peace of mind that their information and privacy are being protected when they visit your website. Guarding the data of your business and customers isn’t just safeguarding against lost income, it is about establishing trust with your customers.

For customers, a successful eCommerce experience means it is safe for them to enter their payment details. Your servers should not contain confidential data such as credit card numbers or CVV codes. Be sure to have a backup for necessary information as this will prevent any loss of data if a breach occurs. A beautiful site only goes so far; it also needs to be safe. can help with website security for your customers that includes guaranteed privacy protection with a secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate and daily backup of your website files. 


Your customer has navigated your easy-to-use store, selected some products and is putting them into their online shopping cart. Success, right? Maybe not. A couple of problems may upend the sale or sour your customer on the purchase. High shipping costs could be an unpleasant surprise, for example. One way to eliminate this issue is to list shipping expenses on your product page or home page. Requiring customers to create an account before making an order can create a negative buyer experience. Why not let them sign up after ordering from you? 

Most types of shopping cart software accept a wide range of payment methods so you should include as many options as possible for customer convenience. Here is a list of best shopping cart software platforms from


A customer’s online shopping experience is not over just because a purchase has been made. You need to practice some after-care to keep your customers happy and coming back to your digital storefront. Once customers have completed their orders, they should immediately get a receipt back via email. The receipts should contain an email, phone number, what the customer ordered and social media links to contact your business.

Include backlinks to your site. If your store has content, consider putting banners in your email bill of sale. Those could range from coupons to blog posts and videos. Helping customers track their orders is another added convenience. Look into web-based order management software. Here is a list from  

The post-transaction phase is very important. Your new customers now fall into the existing customer category. They are now a revenue source you should cultivate and nurture. After all, 80 percent of your future profits will come from just 20 percent of your existing customers.

Create an eCommerce Site That Keeps Customers Clicking

From initially clicking on your eCommerce store to completing a transaction, your eCommerce website needs to deliver a seamless experience throughout the duration of the visit. Money matters but your customers matter more. Focus on these important areas and your site will be clicking with customers and conversions.

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