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How to login to your Facebook Business Profile from anywhere

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Need to log into your Facebook business page from home, work, or another country? Another device? We’ve got you covered. Here are a list of devices we’re going to cover in this article:

  • Desktop – Mac
  • Desktop – Windows
  • Mobile – iPhone
  • Mobile – Android

We’ll also cover how to access your Facebook business page in different regions from desktop or mobile. Instructions differ depending on your situation, but some things remain constant. For example, regardless of which device you’re on or where you are, to access your Facebook page you have to:

  1. Be logged in to your personal Facebook account
  2. Have permission to access the Business Page either as the Page’s Administrator or by the Administrator

If you don’t have a Facebook account you won’t be able to create a Facebook Business Page or access anyone else’s. Let’s start there.

Must-Have: How to Create a Facebook Page

If you do not already have a personal Facebook profile, you can create one for free by following these easy steps:

  1. Go to Facebook.com
  2. Complete the following information and then click the green Sign Up button:

First name
Last name
Email or mobile number
New password
Birthday (Month, Day, Year)

facebook sign up

Once you have a Facebook page, you can work on getting access to an existing Facebook Business Page for you or your employer. For example, you may have hired someone like Web.com to create your Facebook Business Page for you and you may be trying to get access to it. Similarly, you may work for someone who wants you to manage their Facebook business page, in which case you need to get access to it. Here’s how!

How to Access Your Facebook Page on Desktop – Mac or PC (Chrome Browser)

There are four ways to access your Facebook business pages once you log into your account on the Facebook website.

1. If you are already logged into Facebook, go to your Home tab and click the arrow on the top right corner. When the dropdown menu expands, you’ll see the pages which you have admin access to.

facebook on desktop

2. Another way to access your pages is on the left-hand column of your Facebook interface under the “Explore” section. Click on Pages, with the little flag icon, and it will list all all of them for you:

facebook pages

You will see the page shown below. Click on whichever Facebook business page you want to access.

facebook business pages

3. Your pages are listed on the menu at the top right, above your contacts.

Facebook Your Pages

4. You can also access your pages within your home feed, just to the right of the news feed.

facebook news feed pages

How to Access Your Facebook Business Page on a Mobile Device (iPhone Instructions)

  1. Download the free Facebook Pages Manager app
  2. Log in to your personal Facebook profile
  3. Any Facebook pages you have admin access to will be listed on the dropdown menu

If you are already in Facebook, click on the three black lines (also called the “hamburger menu”) in the lower right-hand corner of your cell phone’s screen. Then click the first option on the next screen that says My Pages. On the third screen, pick the Facebook business page you want to look at from the list.

facebook for iphone

Note that you must be connected to Wi-Fi or have cell service to access the Facebook Pages Manager app.

How to Access Your Facebook Business Page on Mobile (Android Instructions)

  1. Download the Facebook Pages Manager app (free)
  2. Log in to your personal Facebook profile
  3. Click the hamburger menu in the upper right side of your phone’s screen
  4. Scroll down a bit on the next screen until you see the pages section
  5. Select your page from the list
facebook for android

Sometimes, if you didn’t create the page you’re trying to access, Facebook’s interface won’t show the page. This short video has a workaround if that’s happening.

How To Access a Facebook Business Page for a Different Region (Desktop Instructions)

Global brands sometimes have different versions of the same page for different geographic regions. So the Facebook page you see in one country will be different from the Facebook page you see in another country – even for the same company.

The version of the Facebook business page you select on the desktop will be the version you see in your Facebook mobile app. You’ll be able to see it in your News Feed and when you visit the business page itself.

To switch the region of a page on a desktop computer:

  1. Click ••• (the three dots) below the page’s cover photo
  2. Select “Switch Region”
facebook regions

3. Select the country you want as your default for the Page

facebook country

4. Click Save Preference

Please note that if you like a page while you are abroad, you may still receive updates for the country you visited after you return home. To stop those messages just follow the instructions above again, switching the page back to your home country.

How to Access a Facebook Business Page for a Different Region (Mobile Instructions)

You will not be able to switch regions in a Facebook Business Page on the Facebook Mobile app.

In the Facebook mobile app, when you visit the Facebook Business Page, the drop-down menu does not include the “switch region” function. So, use your desktop computer if you want to change the region settings for a page.

facebook mobile regions

Reach out to Web.com’s Help Department if you need help with any of these tasks. Speak to our Online Marketing Support Team at 1-866-470-2221, or initiate a chat with us online from our website. We’re available Monday through Friday, 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. E.T.
If you’re a Web.com customer looking for help with your Facebook business page, check out our Knowledge Center articles about Facebook business pages. We’ve also further summarized some access instructions below for the convenience of our amazing customers:

If Web.com Created Your Facebook Business Page for You

1. On the left side of the Page, under the cover photo, click the Like button with the thumbs up icon

  1. Make sure it says Liked after you click it.
  2. After you have Liked the Page, call Web.com’s Online Marketing Support Team at 1-866-470-2221, or initiate a chat with us online. We’re available Monday through Friday, 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. E.T.
  3. A member of our Facebook Support team can grant you admin access.

Granting Web.Com Access to Your Facebook Business Page

If Web.com (or Web.com Local Business Listings) is requesting access to your existing Facebook Business Page, then please follow these steps to accept the request:

  1. Click here to log into Facebook.
  2. Go to Notifications in your Facebook account and click the admin request.

If you are unable to locate Web.com‘s admin request, visit your Facebook Business Page and click Settings, then Page Roles.

3. In the Pending Partner Requests section, click the Respond to Request button.

4. Select Give Web.com (or Web.com Local Business Listings) access to my Page.

5. Click the Approve Request button.

6. Click Submit, then click Save.

Now that you’re all set-up, it’s time to build your Facebook business community!

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