How Google’s retail search solution increases website conversions

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Google is the top search engine in the world. It’s important to remember that the Google empire goes far beyond their search results pages and offers many more services and products than most realize. At, we’re proud to offer products like Google Workspace and other Google Cloud services.

Many shoppers have experienced searching for a product but get results that aren’t relevant – or worse, generate zero search results. Though most eCommerce sites have search and filter features, few accomplish their ultimate goal: to make it easy for users to discover products that match their search intent.

In a survey by The Harris polls and Google, 94% of U.S. consumers abandon shopping sessions because they get irrelevant search results. So, it goes without saying that poor product discovery experiences put a wedge on the purchasing process and leave unhappy shoppers.   

What is Google Retail Search?

Google’s commitment to providing a better user experience opened the door for Google’s Product Discovery Solutions – a suite of tools to help businesses solve the toughest challenges through artificial intelligence (AI). 

On March 31, 2022, Google announced its latest addition to the Product Discovery Solution Suite – Google Retail Search.

So, what is Google Retail Search?

Google Retail Search is an eCommerce tool designed to increase website conversions by enhancing a website’s search engine. 

With the help of Google Cloud’s unified Retail API, Retail Search is easily integrated with other Product Discovery Solutions like Recommendations AI and Vision Product Search. This allows users to leverage features like image-based search and personalized recommendations. 

So, how does Retail Search work in achieving this goal?

Built on Google technologies and leveraging its’ semantic understanding of online search and user intent – retailers can customize their site’s search engine to deliver their desired outcome, whether it’s: 

  • Engagement

  • Revenue

  • Conversions

Retailers can also fine-tune what shoppers see, diversify product displays, filter product availability, custom tags, etc.

The problem with traditional search technologies

Conducting a keyword search is a convenient way of searching online, however, shoppers still have difficulty getting what they’re looking for on a website. They need to produce the exact keywords or rephrase them multiple times to get the results they are looking for.

Traditional search technologies no longer work for modern shoppers. They expect search engines to understand their intent and context, deliver fast results, help them discover new products, and provide tailored recommendations. 

With Google Retail Search, shoppers can search for “blue stripes denim jeans” and they’ll get accurate results without the need to refine their search terms. 

That said, Google’s Retail Search solves two issues brought by traditional search:

  1. Poor user experience – Google Retail Search helps users discover products quickly, simplifying their overall shopping experience.  
  2. Retailers’ problem with search results – Google Retail Search closes the gap for retailers by understanding the consumers’ needs and providing desired results.

It does so with the help of:

  • Advanced Query Understanding – In-depth understanding of what shoppers are looking for to produce better search results. 

  • Semantic Search – An effective solution for matching product traits with website content to produce fast and relevant product discovery. 

  • Optimized Results – Supports user engagement and ranking models to meet specific business goals. 

  • Advanced Security and Privacy – Assurance that retailer data is protected and used to deliver relevant search results for their own business. 

Do more for your online store

It’s always a good idea to be on the lookout for new solutions and strategies, especially when you’re trying to stand out in a sea of competitors. By meeting the user’s demand for convenience, you give your website a competitive edge and promote brand loyalty. 

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