3 great resources for young women entrepreneurs

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For young women business owners, it can sometimes seem hard to get the support you need. Many groups exist to support women business owners in general, as do many organization for entrepreneurs in general. But it’s easy to feel left out when you’re the youngest person in the room or one of the only women. Here are three places where young women entrepreneurs can feel at home, either online or in person.

Hello Fearless

Hello Fearless is a gutsy global community of women entrepreneurs and startup business owners. The organization touts itself as for women “who are dreaming big and want to make those dreams a reality. Women who aren’t afraid to take risks, and who are done apologizing for who they are and what they want.” To help women entrepreneurs build businesses and lives aligned with their goals, the site offer resources such as interviews with and advice from inspiring women business owners, as well as an online entrepreneurship course called Boss School that prepares women for business ownership.

Young Entrepreneur Meetup Groups

Prefer your support live and in person? These meetup groups aren’t all about women, but many of them are. Just input your ZIP code to get results for literally dozens of meetup groups for young entrepreneurs in your area.

Young Women Social Entrepreneurs

Do you own or are you launching a socially responsible business? Do you want to effect change in your community or around the world? Get support and inspiration by joining Young Women Social Entrepreneurs (YWSE). This global organization has chapters in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Portland, San Francisco and Washington DC in the U.S., as well as in Afghanistan, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa. Members enjoy access to a new network of young women entrepreneurs who are passionate about socially responsible business, and the ability to share their knowledge and expertise. The organization currently has more than 10,000 members worldwide.

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