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Boost Online Orders 50% With Product Videos

product videos

Are you looking for a simple way to increase your ecommerce site’s average order value? Adding product videos to multiple pages of your site can boost average order value as well as conversions, according to the study Using Video to Make a Positive Impact on E-Commerce.

The study of more than 12 million video plays found that more than half (57 percent) of retailers saw average order values increase by at least 50 percent when customers view online product videos on a product page. The more videos, the better: Websites that featured online video on 50 to 75 percent of product pages enjoyed average order value of almost $300, while websites with video on 0 to 25 percent of product pages had an average order value of $177.

In addition, ecommerce retailers with product videos on 50 to 75 percent of product pages had higher conversion rates than other retailers. They enjoyed conversion rates of nearly 9 percent—31 percent higher than those with video on 25 to 50 percent of product pages, and a whopping 79 percent higher than those with video on 0 to 25 percent of product pages.

Last, but not least, the study reports that the more videos shoppers watch, the more money they spend. Those who watch 10 or more videos spend 119 percent more than those who only watch one video.

Want to get results like this?

Here are five recommendations from the study:

  1. Keep product videos short. Get to the point quickly—no lengthy intros or extraneous details. The ideal length is under 30 seconds, unless you are selling a complex or high-priced product.
  2. Incorporate video into your mobile site and/or mobile apps. Always record videos with an eye to mobile playback. The study found over one-fourth of video views take place on mobile devices.
  3. Make sure the video “play” button is easy to find. Serve up suggestions for related videos in the sidebar or near the video.
  4. Host a video gallery site instead of relying on third-party domains such as YouTube. Of course, you should also put videos on YouTube, social media and your blog, but these should not be their primary home.
  5. Rotate featured videos on your home page or product channels.


Photo by Thomas Russell on Unsplash