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10 Ways to Get More Leads Fast

Leads are the lifeblood of every small business. How can you keep them coming? Next time you need some new leads—fast—try one of these 10 ideas.

  1. Share useful information. Create content of your own, or link to others’ content on your website, in emails, and on social media. Use it to drive viewers to your website where they'll find a call to action.

  2. Search on social media. B2B businesses can find leads by doing some digging on social media sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Look for people who are seeking what you sell or have questions about processes that your business can help with.

  3. Use pop-ups on your website. Yes, they can be annoying — but if deployed properly (that is, after the user has found what they're looking for), pop-ups can be a great way to get leads to sign up for more information or to join your email newsletter list.

  4. Use gated content. Provide high-value content, such as e-books or white papers, on your website in return for users giving you their name and email address. Reach out to these interested leads to follow up and ask if they received the content and if you can help them with anything else. (If you want to continue sending them marketing emails after that, be sure to obtain their consent first.)

  5. Tap into your referral network. Contact your existing, satisfied customers and ask each of them for one referral. Sweeten the pot by offering a discount, gift card or other reward for any referrals that actually convert. (If calling customers, make sure you follow the FCC's TCPA compliance guidelines.)

  6. Get out there and network. Networking on social media is easy, but sometimes, you need to meet people in real life. Try visiting a new networking group that you haven't been to before, or look for a leads club in your area.

  7. Hold an event at your business. Invite existing customers and ask them each to bring a guest who hasn't patronized your business before. Promote the event online, on social media and in local event listings.

  8. Get listed on local search directories. Whether they're B2B or B2C customers, most of your prospects start their search for products and services online. Make sure your business pops up in search directories when they're looking for what you sell — it's one of the easiest ways to generate leads. Lead Stream ensures you get top placement on Google, so you get more leads. Plus, it constantly updates your website SEO to boost your search engine results placement.

  9. Advertise online. Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are another way to get attention when potential customers are searching online. 

  10. Enhance your social media presence with social media advertising. It's getting more difficult to get attention with organic social media posts. Pump up your online presence by purchasing social media ads on sites your customers frequent, such as Facebook.

Photo by Josh Calabrese on Unsplash