7 Lead Generation Strategies to Grow Your Business

Are you entering a period of deliberate growth for your small business? Awesome – I am too! And as exciting as it is, it can be a little nerve-wracking. Even though you have all the resources you need to service more customers, you definitely need to make sure you use your marketing resources wisely.

That means you not only need to use effective marketing tactics for lead generation, but ones that are super easy to implement as well. Here is a look at seven lead generation strategies that will help you accelerate your growth.

1. Pop Up Messages

Do you have a special promo for new customers? Try adding a pop up message that appears when a new visitor lands on your website. In exchange for their email address, send them the promo code (your choice as to when it expires).

2.  Gated content

Create high-quality, super valuable content, like an ebook or video series, for download. Before someone can access the information, they need to submit their email address.

3. Email drip campaigns

Once you get people’s email addresses, you want to stay in touch, help them get to know you, and encourage a purchase. An email drip campaign can do that. Set up a series of three emails to go out once they submit their email address.

Use the first one to introduce your company and what makes it special. Include additional valuable information in the second. By the time you send out the third, you’ll want to emphasize a strong “buy now” message.

4. Social ads

While engaging with your community on social media is all well and good, social ads are one of the best ways to connect with potential customers. Advertise that special promo for new customers or alert them to your huge annual sale. When they click on the ad, take them right to the information they need to make a purchase.

5. Company blog

You already know that it’s a smart investment to consistently write and publish blog posts that are relevant to the needs of your customers. To make your blog work as a lead generation tool, add a strong call-to-action alerting the reader to the product or service you offer that can help with this challenge.

6. Referrals

This tactic is as low-tech as they come – but it’s highly effective. After closing a sale or completing a project, ask customers point blank for referrals. “Who else do you know that could benefit from X?” People love to help – and they really love to help companies they already know and like.

7. Forums

From LinkedIn Groups to Facebook Groups to Quora, actively participating in forums can be a great way to generate leads – it’s been working for me for years. It only takes a few minutes of your time a day – or maybe 15 minutes each week – to be present, helpful, and visible.

What is your favorite lead generation technique?


Photo by Dose Media on Unsplash