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How to Capture Leads Using Facebook

If you’re like most small business owners, you’re using Facebook to get attention for your business and get “likes.” But if that’s all you’re using Facebook for, you aren’t taking full advantage of its ability to boost sales by generating new leads for your business.

How can you capture leads using Facebook? Here are some ideas:

  • Try the direct route. Your Facebook posts can include links that take users to a landing page on your website with a form to fill out in exchange for information or an offer, such as a downloadable eBook, a webinar or a discount coupon.
  • Try the indirect route. Your Facebook posts can also include links that aren’t so obvious. For instance, you could link back to a post on your business’s blog that has another link at the bottom going to a landing page. This is a “softer sell” approach to generating leads.
  • Use Facebook Events. You can create an “Event” in Facebook and use it to invite guests to register for an in-person event at your business, such as a seminar or an anniversary celebration. Since you know users who register are interested in your business, you can follow up by providing more information to them either before, during or after the event.
  • Use images. Photos and videos get lots of Facebook engagement, but if you want them to generate leads, it’s important to include links back to your website in the photo captions.
  • Buy Facebook ads. Paid ads on Facebook let you target customers very specifically, which can be more successful than relying on organic Facebook posts to show up in customers’ News Feeds. Before buying ads, target exactly who you want to reach on Facebook. Ads let you pinpoint Facebook users by age, sex, marital status, location and more and ensure your ads are seen by that specific group.
  • You can use ads to drive users who aren’t already Facebook fans to your Facebook page. If you’re targeting users who are already fans, your ads should drive them to your business website.
  • To get ideas for how to word your Facebook ads and what types of images to include, look at Facebook ads to see which ones appeal to you and make you want to click. Learn from those ads when developing yours.
  • Create specific landing pages for the links you use on Facebook to boost your chances of generating leads. It’s important to have strong landing pages to maximize conversions from your leads.
  • In any lead generation effort on Facebook, don’t expect to start from zero and quickly achieve results. You need to build a firm foundation for lead generation by posting content that is relevant, helpful and appealing to users. Think about how your business could help customers solve a problem, entertain them or make their lives better. This type of content builds trust in your business, which makes customers more likely to respond to and click on your ads and posts in the future.
  • Last, but not least, always track the results from your Facebook lead generation efforts and adjust your future efforts accordingly.