Is Your Website Outdated? Take this Small Business Quiz

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Key Takeaways

  • Having an outdated website is bad for business.
  • Updating your website means knowing what elements need to be refreshed.
  • You should always optimize for factors that affect your website performance and conversion rates.
  • Ensure your website is updated before investing in a marketing strategy, PPC or any other kind of online advertising.

If you have a website, consider this: 92% of first-time visitors to your site aren’t ready to buy from you. That means you need to do everything in your power to make an outstanding first impression. And if your website is outdated, you’re likely missing out on potential business.

The truth? When your website looks dated or performs poorly, potential customers form their perception of your company in a matter of seconds. The last thing you want them to think is that your company is out of touch, or maybe even out of business.

Your website needs to be modern looking with a responsive design. Otherwise, any marketing strategies including Pay Per Click (PPC) or online advertising will fall flat.

In short, you can’t afford for your website to be outdated, so start by asking yourself these questions to identify opportunities for potential improvements to one of your brand’s greatest assets – your website.

1. Is your website mobile friendly?

A. No. When using a mobile device, you have to pinch and swipe and it’s difficult to navigate.

B. No, but when you land on the site using a mobile device, it takes you to a mobile-friendly version with basic information. 

C. Yes. It doesn’t look as nice as the desktop version of the site but it’s solid.

D. Yes. We use a fully responsive design that looks great on any device.

2. How well does your website engage visitors?

A. We have high bounce rates. Visitors leave as quickly as they arrive.

B. No idea, but people sometimes buy things or contact us through the site.

C. Our conversion rates could be better, but we’re working on improvements.

D. We use heat mapping, Google Analytics and conversion tracking to continuously optimize the user experience (UX). 

3. Is your website easy to use?

A. No. It’s confusing to navigate and visitors have trouble accessing the information they need.

B. It seems pretty easy to use.

C. We attempt to follow UX best practices whenever possible.

D. We’ve had a UX consultant analyze our website and give it a thumbs up.

4. Is your website’s performance up to speed?

A. No. The pages or images are slow to load. 

B. Sometimes we notice problems, but it’s generally okay. 

C. Whenever we notice performance starts to slow, we have our web person look into it.

D. Yes. We run speed checks regularly and ensure it’s running optimally.

5. Is your website secure?

A. No. We’re aware that there are some issues but don’t know what to do about it.

B. We’re not aware of any problems, so it should be okay, right?

C. We ask our web person to check it periodically.

D. Yes. We ensure that it’s secure and check for vulnerabilities on a regular schedule. 

6. When did you last update your website design?

A. Over five years ago. 

B. Between three and five years ago. 

C. It’s been a while, but we tweak and refresh the site from time to time.

D. It’s a priority for us to invest in keeping our website updated.

Your Results and Next Steps for Your Website 

Tally up your results to get a good idea of the state of your website performance and design to determine where you stand. Does your website need an update or are you ready to take the next steps and get more out of your online marketing?

If mostly A, then it’s time to redesign your website. 

If you have mostly Bs, think about securing new domain names to compliment your business and keep competitors from poaching your brand’s name. 

With mainly Cs, online advertising is for you. Consider your options to reach more people through PPC and focus on search engine optimization (SEO) to organically rank on keywords related to your business.

If D, you’re already an online guru and your customers love what you do. Consider adding a website blog to educate and attract even more customers.

Keep in mind, just because your website design looks fine to you doesn’t mean it meets the standards your customers expect or that your website performance is up to par. The truth is a website that’s just OK but not up-to-date isn’t good enough in today’s marketplace.

If your small business needs to update your website, offers options to make your own website or get custom website design services.

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