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11 Tips for Creating Video Blogs People Will Actually Watch

If your company’s blog is getting zero traction despite putting out great content on a regular basis, I want you to do something for me. Check out the industry blogs that are wildly successful, and all of your competitors’ blogs. Is anyone is creating video blogs on a consistent basis?

You just found your niche.

Because we humans LOVE videos, a video blog will help you really stand out online. But you gotta do it right. Here are 10 tips for creating video blogs people will actually watch:

1. Be you

Don’t hold back! Let your personality take over and shine through, no matter how quirky, smart-alecky, pun-y, or energetic you are. The more people get to know you, the more they will like you (or not – and that’s OK, too).

2. Know your audience

Always keep the focus on who your audience is, what they need, and what they know when you’re creating videos. What are their biggest challenges? What do they care about the most? How knowledgeable are they when it comes to your topics?

3. Pretend your camera is a person

To avoid coming across as uncomfortable or nervous, just pretend your camera is a person. Make eye contact with it, and talk to it as if you are having a conversation at a cocktail party.

4. Record when inspiration strikes

The passion for your subject will come through if you turn on the camera and hit record when inspiration strikes. You’ll also sound more natural.

5. Ditch the long lead-in

Forget the fancy opening sequence and long introduction to who you are, your company, and what you do. You’re just wasting time – and likely losing viewers who don’t have the patience.

6. Get right to the point

Instead, jump right into the topic with a “Hey everyone! Here’s what you need to know about X.” You’ll capture their attention immediately.

7. Rely on bullet points

Don’t read from a script or you’ll sound and look like a robot who has no idea what it’s talking about. Put together some bullet points you can refer to if need be, and practice what you’re going to say a few times.

8. Short videos are good

Your videos don’t need to be long. Quite the opposite! Our attention spans are only good for about a minute anyway, so aim for videos 60 to 75 seconds in length.

9. Don’t worry about the background

Unless you are a huge Fortune 500 company with the means to splurge on professional video production, there is no such thing as a perfect background. Sure, you don’t want to record your video in front of a stack of paperwork, but not one will expect to see the Taj Mahal in the background, either.

10. Use natural light

When it comes to photography and videography, lighting will make or break your photo or video. Position you and your camera in front of natural, filtered light for the most flattering outcome.

11. Conduct expert interviews

This is not a must, but it can greatly increase your viewership and engagement. If you can’t record an interview in person, use Skype. (And yes, this will probably be longer than 60 seconds, but if the interview is really good, no one will notice!).

If you already create videos for your blog, what other tips can you share? Got any other questions or comments? Leave ’em below!