18 Insider Marketing Tips from LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest

If you want to know exactly how to use social media, why not just go straight to the source? During my meandering on the web, I found an article that featured great advice on using LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Now, some of this advice might be obvious to you, which is OK – it means you’re doing things right! Some might be new to you, like it was for me. No matter what, though, these 18 insider marketing tips will definitely help improve your social media marketing.

How to Use LinkedIn

  • Establish your own personal brand
  • Keep your profile updated, because prospects will look you up!
  • Make sure your profile is a reflection of who you are
  • Include a picture, headline and search terms
  • Share content
  • Use Pulse as a source of content, as it is automatically customized for you based on your industry and what you do
  • Join groups, listen to conversations prospects are engaging in, and learn from like-minded people

How to Use Twitter

  • Use Twitter as a listening tool; listen to your clients and other businesses in your industry
  • Look at Twitter Analytics to see what’s working and what isn’t, and build your strategy off of that
  • Share content that really highlights your business
  • Use Twitter to ask for feedback on new products
  • Give sneak peeks, as it creates a bigger buzz
  • Remember that Twitter is short-form and visual-first
  • Download their new Twitter Small Business Planner app, as it can help you decide what to tweet about
  • Create better ads with their goals-based user interface

How to Use Pinterest

  • Engage existing clients – small businesses often overlook that
  • Browse interest feeds, because they provide great insights into what people are looking for
  • Stay open-minded about who your audience is – it is probably a lot bigger than you think

What else would you add to the above lists? What are your go-to strategies for LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest?

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