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3 Reasons All-in-One Marketing Solutions Are Worth the Investment

Are you and your marketing team wasting precious time switching between multiple online marketing platforms to do your jobs? If you feel like you've got more online marketing tools than you can handle, maybe it's time to make the switch to a marketing solution that can do more than one or two things.

Here are three reasons all-in-one online marketing solutions are worth your investment.

1. All-in-one online marketing solutions help eliminate app fatigue

Consumers are suffering from app fatigue, according to Gartner research—fewer are downloading apps, and those that do download apps are downloading fewer of them. Now, app fatigue has spread to the workplace too. A study last year reported that increasingly, workplace app fatigue is hurting employee efficiency.

For example, 40 percent of survey respondents say on average, it takes over five minutes to find an early draft of a project they worked on. That’s because business professionals use, on average, 9.4 apps at work. With vital information they need to do their job stored in so many disparate places, employees are wasting tons of time.

At its best, app fatigue in the workplace hurts employee productivity. At worst, it causes employees to shut down altogether and avoid using all but the essential apps they need. It's a syndrome familiar to every sales manager who has ever implemented a complicated CRM app, only to find the sales team refuses to use it consistently.

2. All-in-one online marketing solutions provide a better user experience

Your employees are already swamped — do you want to take up even more of their time learning how to use nine or 10 different online marketing solutions? The more different marketing tools your team has to master, the less time they can devote to each, and the less proficient they will be. In contrast, by using an all-in-one online marketing solution, your team will spend less time learning the ropes and more time becoming experts (and generating leads).

An all-in-one marketing tool can also help to create a better user experience for prospects and customers.  When your marketing efforts are consistently managed, your business brand will benefit.

3. All-in-one online marketing solutions deliver better ROI

The cost of implementing multiple software solutions to help with your online marketing can really add up. Even if each individual app is reasonably priced, monthly subscriptions, price increases, and upgrades for dozens of apps can gradually push your spending over budget before you know it.

What's more, there's inevitably a lot of duplication across online marketing apps. If you use an online marketing solution that offers all-in-one functionality, such as paid advertising, lead tracking, SEO optimization and automated email campaigns, you're only paying for one service, dealing with one provider, and managing one account. That means better ROI.

Choosing the right all-in-one marketing solution can be one of the smartest business decisions you ever make.