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3 Things Every Marketing Team Needs to be Successful

Drew Hendricks
3 Things Every Marketing Team Needs to be Successful

Whether you lead a marketing team of young professionals as part of a new startup, or a group of seasoned professionals at an established company, there are certain tips, resources, and tools you’ll need to be successful. By understanding what these are and how they apply to your situation, you can instantly become more efficient, productive, and profitable. In particular, you’ll want to keep these three tips in mind:

Develop a Consistent and Productive Morning Routine

Whether or not your team consists of productive morning people is beside the point. Every successful marketing department needs a consistent and productive early morning routine to get things moving in the right direction. Here are three specific tips to consider:

  • Write down goals. In order to get everyone on the same page, it’s important to clearly identify goals and priorities for the day. While you may have your own preferred method, one strategy is to use the Eisenhower Decision Matrix.This simple matrix contains a square divided into four boxes. They’re labeled: Important/Urgent, Important/Not Urgent, Not Important/Urgent, Not Important, Not Urgent. Place this daily matrix in a visible place for everyone to see and allow people to adjust it throughout the day.
  • Respond to pressing emails. Would it surprise you to learn that most people waste hours each daysorting through and responding to emails? While you can’t always get away from your inbox, you can designate a 30-minute block in the morning where employees are required to attend to emails and voicemails. Getting these out of the way early in the morning frees everyone up to handle larger projects and tasks throughout the day.
  • Resolve issues. The best time to resolve issues is early in the morning when the rest of the day is in front of you. That way you have time to implement changes, contact appropriate parties, or reschedule other tasks.

If you can do these things right each morning, the majority of your time will be successful and productive. However, failing to attend to these needs will leave you stressed and scatterbrained.

Build Healthy Relationships With Other Departments

Secondly, you need to focus on building healthy relationships with other departments in your organization. By working well with these groups, you can streamline processes and complete tasks. When it comes to marketing, the two most important groups to build healthy relationships with are:

  • Developers and designers. While marketers are the brains behind campaigns, it’s the developers and designers who usually bring the ideas to fruition. According to Breanden Beneschott, COO of freelance marketplace, Toptal, “We’ve spent years working alongside various businesses and have come to the firm conclusion that successful marketers need to integrate developers and designers into their teams for optimal results.” In other words, marketers and creative professionals need to be on the same page.
  • Corporate decision makers. For marketing departments within large organizations, building relationships with corporate decision makers is key. This allows you to get the tools and resources you need, when you need them – as opposed to waiting for standard organizational procedures to be followed. This is often as easy as making your team accessible to the appropriate parties.

If you can get these groups on board, you’ll find it much easier to complete projects, meet deadlines, and secure adequate tools and resources.

End Every Day with a Wrap-Up Meeting

Finally, it’s important to wrap-up your day the same way you started: organized and productive. The best way to cap off a day and prepare for the next is to hold a brief 15 or 20-minute meeting with everyone on your team.

During this meeting you should discuss what was accomplished today, what needs to be done tomorrow, and what projects are coming down the pipeline. This is also a good time to praise employees for good work and unwind a little.

Putting it All Together

By developing a consistent morning routine, investing in cross-departmental relationships, and wrapping up each day with a closing meeting, you can ensure your marketing team has everything it needs to be successful. While you can certainly add other components, keeping these four principles as the pillars of your team will provide a strong footing for future growth.

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Drew Hendricks is a tech, social media and environmental addict. He's written for many major publishers such as Forbes and Entrepreneur.