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4 Reasons to Stick With Twitter for Marketing

Monika Jansen
Twitter for marketing

Twitter had a really bad 2015, and 2016 isn’t looking much better.

Last summer, CEO Dick Costolo resigned. Instagram, WhatsApp, and WeChat surpassed Twitter in users. Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey eventually stepped in as CEO. That should have lifted the company, but nope.

Twitter’s user base is not growing in the U.S. At all. In January, Twitter lost its vice president of media, vice president of product (to Instagram), head of Vine (to Google), vice president of engineering, and head of human resources.

As a result of the upheaval, Twitter stock has been hammered. Some are saying that Twitter is dead – or at least completely irrelevant.

So the question becomes: Should your small business continue to use Twitter for marketing? For now, the answer is yes. Here’s why:

Twitter has a devoted user base

Personally, I love Twitter. I can easily find information using hashtags, I appreciate its concise message format, and I’ve worked hard to cultivate a decent following. Plus, the media use it all the time, so it’s one of the best places to start building media relationships.

Twitter remains a go-to source of real-time information

During disasters, users unleash a steady stream of information. No other social media network can do that as well as Twitter. If your small business uses newsjacking for marketing purposes, Twitter is the place to be.

Twitter’s character expansion could be a content marketing boon

When (and if) Twitter allows us to post 10,000-character tweets with multiple images or video content, we’ll be able to expand the reach of our content marketing. I have a built-in audience on Twitter and LinkedIn; I have to work hard to grow my blog readership. I’d rather publish original content where the people are, not where I want them to be.

Twitter doesn’t throw up content blockades like Facebook

My small business abandoned Facebook marketing when the algorithm changed and brands got pushed out of news feeds. You don’t have that kind of content blockade on Twitter. (We could argue the merits of some sort of algorithm to filter valid information from garbage, but that’s a topic for another article.)

For now, I’m sticking with Twitter. What about you? Will you stick with Twitter for marketing, or will you flee to another messaging app?

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Monika Jansen

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