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4 Ways to Prepare Your Website for the Holiday Season

account_circle Team

Online shopping has grown in numbers, with the pandemic taking it to newer heights. 

In 2021, the United States earned roughly 768 billion U.S. dollars in revenue from retail eCommerce alone. The high demand for online shopping makes digital marketing a need, but brand competition online is cutthroat and the only way to get ahead is to have a top-notch strategy. 

'Tis the Season for Online Shopping

Shopping for the holidays is always hectic. With online shopping, customers can browse and purchase in the convenience of their homes, away from the crowds and the hassle.   

Recent U.S. statistics have shown that a whopping 57 percent of consumers shopped online during the 2021 holiday season, while only 43 percent of shoppers went to stores.  

With more than half of shoppers completing their purchases online, the holiday season looks to be a golden opportunity for businesses. 

4 Key Strategies to Prepare Your Website for the Holidays

1.) Fine-tune your website's efficiency ahead of the sales event   

Efficient marketing strategies often start long before the holiday season. 

A recent survey determined that 18% start shopping in October while 28% start in December. Websites are up 24/7, allowing customers to browse and shop at any time of the day. If you haven’t already, start building a professional website ahead of the holidays. 

Ensure that your web pages load fast

When it comes to website performance, speed is of the essence.

A whopping one in four visitors abandon sites that take more than four seconds to load. So, if your website continues to lag, you lose potential conversions.

Keep your website well-designed and mobile-ready

Building an eCommerce website that is user-friendly and filled with fresh content keeps your visitors engaged. To keep up with the holiday spirit, use a holiday-themed template and add banners and feature cards.  

And don’t forget to optimize your site for mobile! There’s no longer an excuse not to do it. Mobile and tablet devices are here to stay. Ensuring that your content loads the same on desktop and mobile devices improves your overall user experience and search engine rankings. 

Analyze how much traffic you're expecting  

The increase in shoppers means an increase in site traffic. 

Avoid losing potential profit due to a site outage. Anticipate the number of users coming to your site in advance by looking at previous holiday seasons. Use tools like Google Analytics to benchmark your website traffic.

If you are a new website owner, look at channels that are actively driving traffic to your site. For example, if you are ranking for top search queries in your sector, then you can estimate the potential traffic you would get for peak periods. 

It’s good to highlight the word potential here. While you won’t get accurate numbers, you will at least get the data you need to prepare your website for the holidays.

Prepare backend support   

Improve your website's performance by strengthening your backend. Optimize your database by using cloud-based backups, cache your website for faster loading speed, and see if there’s a need to upgrade your web hosting plan.

Web hosting plans that have higher bandwidth, storage, CPU, and RAM give you better website performance and speed. Also, remember to secure your website from online threats and suspicious activities. 

If you do not have the resources or expertise to do this on your own, outsource the work to a web solutions provider or website expert. 

2.) Reach out to your regular and potential customers early   

Actively engage with customers before the sale period to stay top on mind. The earlier you reach out, the easier you are to recall when shoppers are browsing through their options. Promote your brand and establish familiarity.

Update your social media accounts   

With the widespread use of social media among customers, updating your own social media site is a must. 43% of internet users research products through social media. 28% also stated that they discovered brands via ads on social media.

Generate buzz prior to your holiday sale by publishing teasers. Also, build interest around your brand by showcasing your products or services through how-to videos, carousels, and infographics. Set up an email marketing campaign and send out promotional codes and deals early   


Email marketing yielded nearly 109.6 billion global average value of online orders in the 1st to 2nd quarter of the year. Connect with your customers by sending out email promotions.   

Offer your subscribers exclusive holiday promos and incentives for holiday shopping. Make a compelling subject line that would stand out and grab your shoppers' attention.  

Use lead ads and simple SEO to optimize your website   

Promote your holiday campaigns by investing in paid ads. 

If your budget is tight, or if you’re looking for a more long-term solution to driving traffic to your site, implement a robust SEO strategy.

SEO lets you target seasonal and industry-specific keywords such as: Christmas, holidays, shopping, gifts, and more. On top of that, you also get to optimize your website in a way that will improve conversions in your site.

Get your website in a business directory   

 Build your brand online by listing your business on online directories. . This works best for new businesses that haven't gotten enough exposure or advertising.

If you have a physical shop, business listings and directories can direct online users to your store’s location. Not only does it improve foot traffic, but it also builds brand credibility as you get to add your updated contact information. 

3.) Maximize your customers' purchases    

Build momentum and maximize profit during the sales event when purchasing is at its peak. Remarket your products and double your buyers while the shopping buzz is still high.  

Optimize your ads

People don't want to go through multiple hoops these days. Ads that provide a fast and accessible path to purchase are more likely to attract more shoppers than ads that are difficult to navigate. 

A good headline makes all the difference. Start optimizing your ads by writing compelling copies and, while you’re at it, add a clear call to action. 

But it doesn’t stop there. Once a prospect lands on your site, ensure that it takes less than three clicks to make a purchase. The more convenient your ad-to-purchase is, the more you maximize impulse purchases.

 Work with creators to produce branded content ads   

Working with content creators can offer a fresh perspective on your brand. Letting the creator use their own voice for your products and services builds your brand’s credibility.  Use their influence among their audiences to persuade their purchasing decisions.   

Use targeted ads to encourage customers with high buying intent  

During the holiday shopping period, aim for potential shoppers with high purchasing intent and use different promotions to grab their attention.   

An abandoned cart has endless potential. Maximize buying intent by analyzing their shopping history items left in their cart. Use targeted ads to remotivate interest.  

4.) Stay on top of your customer's minds through promotions and engagement   

Build loyalty even after your promotional period by re-engaging them with ads.   

Re-engage and remarket to recent purchasers after the sale event   

Don't stop engaging after making a sale. Continue reaching out to your customers and remarketing to your buyers to drive loyalty. The holidays may be over, but online shopping continues past the season.  

Give your shoppers incentives to come back. Personalize your marketing and convert consumers into loyal patrons.  

Review post-holiday metrics to plan for future campaigns   

 It's never too late to gather data. Measure your sales and metrics and use the data collected this season to plan next year's campaign. The earlier you prepare your marketing plan, the higher your chances of boosting your profits.  

Make a Holiday Preparation List: Be Sure to Check It Twice  

You're more likely to earn more profits the sooner you get ready for the sales rush. The tips listed above will boost your business into on par with even old veterans in the field.   

Keep your brand competitive and prepare your website for the holiday rush. offers end-to-end online solutions that cover all your bases to succeed this holiday season. Make this your best retail season yet.