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5 Advanced Twitter Tactics That Can Have a Huge Impact on Marketing

How to grow on twitter


It's easy to get caught up in merely sharing information on Twitter and leaving your Twitter strategy at that. We forget it’s a really powerful tool that can actually have a big impact on marketing – if you use it to its full advantage.

Small businesses should strive to grow their Twitter following for several key reasons. Firstly, a larger following on Twitter expands the business's reach, allowing them to connect with a wider audience and potentially attract more customers. Secondly, a larger following enhances social proof, as a significant number of followers can build credibility and trust in the eyes of potential customers. Thirdly, a growing Twitter following provides opportunities for increased brand visibility, engagement, and viral sharing of content, amplifying the business's online presence. Lastly, a larger following opens doors for networking, collaboration, and potential partnerships with other businesses and influencers in the industry.

5 tactics on how to grow on Twitter

1. Newsjack trending topics

Want to boost your visibility by talking (or blogging) about a trending topic? Just look at the trending topics on Twitter (listed in the left column) and click on the hashtag to see what people are saying. Does your expertise coincide with the conversations currently happening? Blog about and share it ASAP!

2. Curate thought leaders and journalists into lists

Want to develop relationships with thought leaders, influencers, and journalists? Take advantage of the Twitter List feature and create a list for each category. Start adding people to those lists, and Twitter will curate their tweets into one feed for you.

Every morning, look at those lists. See what they are talking about. Learn from them. RT and reply to their tweets. Interact with them. Build that relationship so if you do reach out, they’ll know who you are (very important when it comes to journalists!).

3. Follow the competition

You can also create a list of the competition. Look at what they’re talking about and sharing, the hashtags they are using, what kind of engagement they are generating. If something is working for them, it probably will for you too (same audience, right?).

4. Create tweetable content

Want people to start sharing your wisdom on Twitter? Click to Tweet is a really cool service that lets you turn a sentence or phrase into a tweet that others can share (I see this done most often in blog posts).

You just write your sentence and click the “generate new tweet” button. Whoever clicks on the link will see that message automatically appear in their Twitter status box – they just have to hit “tweet.”

You can also create an entire blog post of tweetable content, organized around tips, insider secrets, mind-blowing stats, etc.

5. Share photos

OK, this is not an advanced tip, but it is something we all forget to do. Twitter displays images in timelines, which will grab people’s attention and make you stand out. When trying to figure out how to grow on Twitter, sharing photos should definitely be on your list! 

How else do you use Twitter as part of a larger marketing strategy? If you have no idea where to even start, what questions do you have about using Twitter.