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5 Expert Tricks That Will Make Your Company Blog a Must-Read

Because I spend so many waking hours blogging, I am always looking for fresh inspiration. What are other companies doing? What tactics seem to generate the most engagement for them? What do I really look forward to reading?

After conducting some very unscientific but fun research reading company and brand blogs that I love, here is what I found they have in common:

They have personalities

I have to say, this Eat24 blog post is probably the funniest one I ever read. Why? HUGE personality in there. For me, it’s like chatting with the high-energy, witty friend at a party versus the one friend you kind of like but don’t have the heart to cut out of your life. Who would you rather spend time with?

Takeaway: Do you have a big personality – or an employee who does? Give yourself (or him/her) permission to let your/their freak flag fly.

They do the legwork for you

I am a big fan of SmartBrief, as their daily emails curate top content in different categories for you (I subscribe to Small Business and Social Business). They write their own headline for each article and provide a couple of sentences describing what’s in the article. In short, they keep me in-the-loop and save me TONS of time.

Takeaway: Start publishing news roundups on the topics your target market(s) care about.

They dive deep into topics

The KISSmetrics team really dives in their blog post, covering topics from head to toe and including statistics and actionable information, like this post on writing persuasive opt-in copy. I appreciate learning a lot about one thing all at once. Again, saves me time.

Takeaway: Commit to writing one really in-depth blog post a month.

They are inspiring

Peter Shankman freely shares his wisdom and valuable stories from his every day life, all tied up beautifully in inspiring prose. He makes you want to be a better person, especially when it comes to providing customer service that will knock the socks off your clients.

Takeaway: Empower your blog readers to do something better or differently. Tell them how to do it, and give them the confidence they need to pull it off.

They understand the power of visuals

Social Media Examiner probably does this better than anyone else (at least among the blogs I look forward to reading!). Every post is packed with examples to illustrate what they are talking about. In this post, they mark up screenshots to point out what’s working and what’s not, turning posts into visual learning tools. Love it.

Takeaway: When appropriate, use visuals as a teaching tool, not just window-dressing.

What are your favorite blogs, and why?