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5 Free Ways to Tranform Your Blog Posts Into a Mini Sales Department

Are you already thinking ahead to 2015? Me too, and that means I am also thinking about all the small tweaks I can make to my current marketing strategy to make it even better.

Since blogging is arguably the best digital marketing tool for any small business (after a fantastic website, of course!), let’s take a look at some easy, free ways to transform your blog posts into a mini sales department:

1. Highlight your most recent post in your email signature

Email signatures are valuable pieces of real estate. I often refer to them for information – website address, phone number, etc. – and I am sure I’m not the only one! Every time you publish a new blog post, include the title (linked to the actual blog post, of course) it in your email signature.

2. Email relevant blog posts to clients and prospects

If you write blog posts based on the FAQs you hear often, absolutely use them as a sales tool! Naturally, you can send relevant posts to prospects (with a personal note of why you think they’ll find it useful), but you can also send them to current clients as a way to cross- or up-sell them.

3. Share posts with LinkedIn Groups

Instead of just sharing your blog posts with your LinkedIn network, share them with even more people via the LinkedIn Groups you belong to. Chances are, you are not personally connected to more than a few of them – if any at all – so there is no way they’ll be able to access your expertise and brilliant thoughts otherwise.

4. Pitch the truly extraordinary ones to the media

Journalists are constantly on the lookout for fantastic new material to shape into an article their audience will love. When you write a true thought-leadership piece that explores completely new ideas, pitch it to journalists or publications who cover that beat. If your piece is published, the exposure could be life-changing.

5. Bundle them into ebooks

Turning evergreen blog posts you have already written into ebooks is a super-smart way to extend the life of your content. Look at your most popular blog posts and bundle them into an ebook. Or, pull together the blog posts that are really long and in-depth and turn them into an ebook. Offer the ebooks as free downloads on your site, and capture the names and email addresses of those who download them.

How else do you use your blog posts to boost visibility, generate leads, or close sales?