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5 Quick Tips to Generate Content Fast

If your small business is using content marketing to attract prospects to your website, build your profile as an expert in your industry and provide valuable information customers need to make buying decisions, you’re making a smart move. Content marketing is one of the most popular and effective marketing methods around today.

But generating enough content to keep a constant stream of new content pieces flowing to your business website, social media accounts and more can be a challenge. How can you generate content without working 24 hours a day? Try these tips.

  1. Repurpose content in different formats. Write a series of related blog posts, then put them together into an e-book or white paper. Or write an e-book and pull it apart into blog posts. Pull out statistics or interesting facts from the white paper and tweet them. Create a short video interviewing an industry expert; post a transcript of the interview on your blog. You can generate renewed interest in a topic by using it later in another format.
  2. Write listicles. Blog posts or other articles in list format (like this post!) tend to attract more clicks, more views and get read and shared more often. It’s human nature to want information in easily digestible format. You can probably write dozens of listicles off the top of your head based on your industry knowledge. For instance, a CPA could write 10 Tips for Making Tax Time Easier, 5 Things You Need to Know to Prevent an IRS Audit, 7 Tax Deductions You’ve Never Heard get the idea.
  3. Comment on others’ content. Did an industry expert write a controversial blog post about a topic you have an opinion on? Summarize what the other person said (don’t quote verbatim, and be sure to attribute the source of the information), then add your own take on the subject. Do you agree or disagree? Why not?
  4. Update existing content. What content on your business’s website, blog or social media accounts gets read or shared most often? These popular pieces can get even more popular if you update them regularly. From time to time, revisit popular posts and freshen them up with new information. For instance, the 10 Tips for Making Tax Time Easier post mentioned above would likely be popular; the CPA could update it annually with new advice based on current tax law, new accounting or expense-tracking apps, etc.
  5. Outsource. If your budget allows, consider outsourcing content marketing creation to a content marketing provider or freelance writer. Look for a provider or writer with expertise in your industry, good writing skills and knowledge how to incorporate SEO tactics into content writing.