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6 Reasons Your Website Isn’t Getting Any Traffic

Wondering why your website isn’t pulling in visitors? Just because you have a website doesn’t mean your target customers are going to find it. If you’re not attracting enough website visitors, the problem could be with your SEO. Here are six reasons your site traffic may suffer:

1. You haven’t done your keyword research. What search terms do you want your website to rank for in search engine results? It takes some homework to find out which specific keywords will get the best results for your business, but those who put in the time get the rewards.

2. You don’t know where your few visitors come from. Use analytics tools (such as Google Analytics) to track how website visitors get to your site. For example, they may be finding you through organic search results, by clicking on paid ads or by typing in your URL (that’s called direct traffic). Do more of what’s getting the best results, and watch your website traffic grow.

3. Your website loads too slowly. People may find a link to your website online—but if the site doesn’t load in just a few seconds when they click on it, they won’t bother waiting around. Your website host, the number and size of images you use, and myriad technical issues can all affect your site’s loading time. If your site is lagging, it’s worth getting help from website experts to speed things up.

4. Your site isn’t mobile friendly. Some $12.7 billion are expected in online shopping to take place on Cyber Monday 2020, according to Adobe Analytics. If your site doesn’t load instantly and work seamlessly on a smartphone, you’re not going to get much traffic. Plus, Google now prioritizes mobile-friendly sites in its search engine results.’s website design experts can create a site that looks good on any mobile device.

5. Your content is poor quality. Your target customers have high standards for websites these days. If your site has poor-quality images and the content is riddled with misspellings, customers may visit once but they won’t stay. If you’re using content marketing to attract site visitors, make sure that content is good quality, too.

6. You’re not investing in promoting your site. You can drive a fair amount of traffic to a website with organic search engine optimization, email marketing and social media activity, but if you really want to see results quickly, you’ll need to invest in search engine marketing. For instance, if most of your visitors come from Facebook and Instagram, advertising on Facebook and Instagram can significantly increase your traffic. Prioritize this part of your marketing budget to boost your numbers.

All of this may sound like a lot to take on—and it can be, especially for busy small business owners. One way to save time and grow your website traffic is by getting help from website design professionals.

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