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6 TED Talks Elements You Can Steal for Marketing


How would you like to completely and totally capture your audience’s attention any time you create a new piece of marketing?

All you need to do is use the 6 TED Talk elements I’ve shared below. Why? The best TED Talks are presented by master storytellers who go beyond introducing the characters, setting up a challenge, and bringing the story to a resolution. They also do the following, which anyone can use for marketing – especially content marketing.

(If you’re not familiar with TED, it is a biannual conference that began in 1984 where ideas around Technology, Entertainment, and Design were presented. Today’s topics span a huge range of ideas, but one thing has remained the same: Each presentation is only 18 minutes long.)

  1. Share “ideas worth spreading”

“Ideas worth spreading” is the TED Talk tagline, and it’s a useful guideline to apply to any content you create. Ask yourself if your new idea is worth spreading before you start putting time and energy into writing. If it is, carry on. If it’s not, how can you tweak it so it is worth spreading?

  1. Watch your body language

If you are presenting in person or recording a video, pay attention to your body language. Smile. Use hand gestures to illustrate your ideas. Stand up straight to demonstrate confidence. Move around the stage.

  1. Show, don’t tell

“People remember only two things about content – what they saw in their minds, and how they felt about it.” – Bryan Del Monte, Clickafy Media Group

If you are writing a play, you have to set the scene on paper – who’s involved, what are they doing, what are they feeling? Whenever you write, add details so people can visualize what is going on.

  1. Introduce conflict early on

Introducing conflict at the beginning of your marketing content also means getting right to the point early on, simply because conflict = curiosity = interest. Capture their interest, and people will follow your story right through to the resolution.

  1. Put yourself out there

By authentic and personal in all of your marketing. The more empathetic your audience is to your situation, the more invested they’ll become in what you are saying. (My favorite blogger does this in every single blog post he writes.)

  1. Keep the takeaway simple

Introduce the takeaway at the beginning, and again once you resolve the conflict. The key to a great takeaway: Keep it as short as possible – like three or four words – and repeat it a few times so it will sink in.

Want to be inspired? Here is a link to the top 20 TED Talks of all time, which includes a few of my favorites. (Be warned: These talks really suck you in!)

In the meantime, what else do you love about TED? Which of the above elements are you excited to try out in your marketing campaigns?