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6 Unusual Ways to Build Brand Awareness

If you were to launch a new business today, what would you do to build brand awareness and get the word out? Tell everyone in your network? And ... then what?

I was on a marketing strategy / brainstorming call with my go-to marketing strategist, Nicole, and one of our new clients a couple of weeks ago. Nicole and I started throwing out a lot of fun ideas for how she can build brand awareness that went WAY past telling her network and then waiting for the phone to ring. Our client loved our ideas so much that we’re going to implement all of them.

Want to shake things up with your brand? Whether it’s new or established, here are some very un-boring ideas that can help you get noticed:

Hand out branded clothes that don’t look branded

Who needs another polo shirt or baseball cap with a company logo on it? That’s right – no one. Work with a graphic designer or artist on a really cool design for a “line” of high-quality T-shirts that people want to wear – and that don’t look branded. Then hand them out to your clients.

Review under-the-radar products and services

Every day, new products and services are unleashed onto the world. Finding the good stuff is not easy – unless the company has a super huge marketing budget. Consider trying out new apps, products, and services that are related to your business, and then review them on your blog.

Get on Periscope

The live video broadcasting app Periscope is quickly gaining steam, so now’s the perfect time to jump on board and start building a community. Pick the hottest topics in your industry, and hold “scopes” on them. Oh, and it’ll take a few weeks to gain a rhythm and build a following, so stick with it!

Organize a flash mob

OK, yes, this suggestion is “out there,” and yes, it’s definitely not the easiest thing to pull off. OK, and yeah, it probably won’t be cheap. But flash mobs are so fun! And they go viral!

I suggest talking to an experiential marketing agency about organizing this. If you’re going to go big, do it right.

Partner with established brands

If you offer a high-demand product or service that established brands in your industry don’t, approach them about a partnership. With their reach and name recognition, your brand awareness will grow quickly.

Create infographics

That’s right, infographics are still hot – they make information fun! I almost think of them as beautifully illustrated picture books. Would you rather read a picture book, or a report filled with numbers and graphs?

Infographics require quite a bit of research, not just great design skills. Make sure you work with an agency or designer who is experienced with them – and has helped boost the visibility of other companies.

What unusual things have you done to build brand awareness?

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Author information

Monika Jansen

Monika Jansen is a freelance copywriter and editor who helps with companies of all shapes on sizes kick their content up to the next level. You can find her online at