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8 Factors That Have a Huge Impact on Emotional Branding

Branding is such a nebulous term, isn’t it? Many people think of a brand as a company name or logo, but it’s so much more than that. Branding is really about what your company stands for – your values, what makes you different, what kinds of emotions your brand evokes.

As it turns out, there are 8 factors that influence the way we feel about brands – and the way people feel about your brand. I stumbled across the information below in a Fast Company article written by two product specialists. Even if you’re a service company without products, these factors will play into your visual content.

Here’s what I learned about the 8 factors that have a huge impact on emotional branding:


Giving a brand a distinct personality makes the brand relatable to your audience. Before you start creating an elaborate persona for your company, think about your target market. What are they like? What do they find funny? What are their values? Create a personality based on what matters to them.

Framing + Composition

When you are sharing visual content related to your company or products, think about how to present it. Do you use a lush, color-saturated filter? Black and white? Moody, dark colors? Are your visuals clean and modern, or overstuffed and cozy?


Use your camera to control the level of energy in your visual content. A slow-moving camera or lens indicates a calm, thoughtful, and confident brand. Fast action conveys an enthusiastic brand full of vitality.


Every color communicates a different emotion, so the colors you use in your logo, on your website, on your products, and in your visual content must sync up with your brand’s personality. Red is aggressive and energetic, purple is sophisticated, blue is trustworthy, orange is fun and playful.

Look + Lighting

Do you want your brand to look perfect, austere, lush, authentic, seductive? The lighting you use in your visual content can really influence the look of your brand.

Location + Environment

This is where knowing your target market comes into play. The environment you portray in your visual content must relate to your audience’s life. Do they juggle kids and errands in the suburbs, or take on the world via a private jet and chauffeur-driven Mercedes?


Dress isn’t just about clothes but about presentation. It’s about packaging and styling. Matte versus glossy. A rough wooden bench versus sleek marble. A six-pack of PBR versus a bottle of Moet & Chandon.


Fonts absolutely have their own personality, and they quickly become associated with a brand. It’s really important to choose one that reflects your brand – and stick with it. American Typewriter is very hipster. Helvetica is a modern classic. Papyrus hints at ancient times.

Which factor do you think is hardest to incorporate into your brand? What is the easiest?


Photo by Max Templeton on Unsplash