Content Marketing 101: How to Repurpose Old Blog Posts and Improve SEO for Free

There is great beauty in repurposing old blog posts. One, it cuts down on the time you spend writing new blog posts. Two, it allows you to extend the life of your content. And three, boosting visibility and engagement also boosts your search engine results.

Luckily, repurposing blog posts is not hard to do – and is a very smart content marketing strategy – so here is how to get started:

Identify the blog posts that people liked

Instead of blindly choosing blog posts to repurpose and republish, take a look at your analytics and pick the blog posts and topics that have generated the most page views, comments, and shares.

Update and republish one old blog post/month

Let’s say you publish one blog post per week. Update your editorial calendar to include one old blog post per month. Update the blog post with new information, remove outdated tips, change up the title and CTA, add new links if applicable, and boom – you’re good to go.

Write round-up posts

Your blog posts are already categorized by topic, so consider writing round-up posts that include the top posts per category. Include a link to the original post and a brief summary of the information your audience will find in that post.

Write a best-of-the-year post

At the end or beginning of the calendar year, write a best-of post that includes your top 10 (or whatever number you choose) blog posts of the year based on page views, engagement, etc.

Update and promote old ebooks, guides, etc.

OK, so ebooks are not blog posts, but they are likely composed of old blog posts. Furthermore, you probably wrote a blog post promoting it. Hence this suggestion.

There is no shame in updating and promoting old ebooks, guides, and other more in-depth content you have created. After all, if Merriam-Webster can update their dictionary every year, you can surely republish an ebook you wrote 5 years ago.

Turn blog posts into a SlideShare

For B2B companies and small businesses, one of the smartest ways to reach your audience is by turning a meaty blog post into a visually stunning SlideShare presentation. You can then share it via a blog post and on LinkedIn (which owns SlideShare). Work with a graphic designer to ensure your SlideShare is as polished and beautiful as possible. Yes, this will take some time, but your efforts will pay off.

What else do you do to extend the life of your blog posts?