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Content Marketing and PPC Advertising: Better Together

There are two schools of thought when it comes to SEO strategy. One type of business focuses on content marketing and using SEO to drive organic traffic. The other type would rather invest in paid search advertising than spend time crafting content that may or may not get clicks. But like peanut butter and jelly or Lucy and Ethel, content marketing and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising are actually better together.

By implementing both content marketing and PPC advertising as part of your online marketing campaign, you'll get better results. Used correctly, each marketing method will amplify the other, boosting the payoff for your business.

PPC as part of your SEO strategy

Use PPC ads to:

Drive traffic to your content.

Compared to waiting for your content marketing efforts to pay off organically, PPC advertising is a fast way to speed up traffic. Use it to get more people to that content you've spent time and effort creating.

Get instant feedback.

When you use PPC as part of your SEO strategy, you can immediately see which keywords and offers work best to drive website traffic. You'll get specific information that you can use not only in future PPC ads, but also in marketing content, website landing pages and more.

Enhance your company's visibility.

You pay for your PPC ad only when someone clicks on it — but even if viewers don't click, they still see your marketing message. That type of exposure gradually helps to build your brand at no cost. By targeting your PPC ads narrowly to specific demographics, you can boost brand awareness among the exact customers you're seeking.

Content marketing as part of your SEO strategy

Use content marketing to:

Benefit from keywords you can't afford to pay for.

As a small business, there are lots of good keywords that are just too expensive to use on a regular basis in your PPC ad campaigns. However, whether by testing them in your actual ads or by doing keyword research for those ads, you'll learn a lot about which costly keywords work best. Then you can use those keywords in your content (for free) to help boost your organic traffic.

Keep website visitors on your site longer.

Your PPC ad may get a visitor to your website — but how long will they stay there? If visitors glance at your homepage and then bounce away, your clicks aren't generating any leads or revenue. Providing quality content on your website, however, can entice users to spend more time on your site and visit more pages. That increases the odds that they'll actually become leads or even customers. Need proof? Small businesses that have blogs generate 126% more leads than those that don't.

Build long-term results.

Content marketing costs less upfront than paid online advertising and has more long-term results, according to research reported by the Content Marketing Institute. That said, it also takes a long time to pay off— which is why PPC advertising can help by complementing your long-term SEO strategy with short-term results.

Combining PPC and content marketing gives your business the best of both worlds. Online marketing experts who can work with you to choose the right keywords, craft effective content, and plan your SEO strategy can help.


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