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Get More Traffic to Your Business Website With These Tips

What kind of traffic is your business website getting these days? Is it like a 12-lane Los Angeles freeway at rush hour … or more like a small town with one traffic light and tumbleweeds blowing across the landscape? If you want to pump up the volume of your website traffic, here's what you need to do.

Make these changes to your business website to drive traffic

Make it mobile friendly. How often do you do an online search on your smartphone? If you're anything like me, the answer is "More often than I can count." The number of mobile search users is expected to increase to 221 million people by 2021. If your business website isn't designed for a mobile experience, you're going to get left behind. This is especially important if you want leads to fill out a contact form on your website — have you ever tried to do that on your phone on a site that's not mobile friendly?  Your site should use responsive design so that it displays effectively on all types of mobile devices.

Create strong landing pages. It's challenging enough to get your site to show up high in search engine results. Don't blow it by using a hyperlink that takes users to your homepage or some other random page on your site. Each hyperlink you use for your call to action should go to a landing page that's focused on getting visitors to take that particular action, such as "Sign up" or "Get your discount code.”

Optimize your website for search. Use the keywords your target customers are using to search for businesses like yours. For example, Google reports there has recently been a big uptick in searches using “best” (as in “best hair salon” or "best pizza”). Using “best” can help you attract more visitors. Don't forget to include keywords in your image alt text, meta descriptions, and headlines, too. This can be a quick way to increase your website traffic.

Include location data. Google also says that more people are using “near me” in their online searches (for example, “car repair near me”).  Google takes into the searcher’s location when delivering search results, so websites that are localized will get better results. Use local terms in your website text and tags. Be sure to get listed in Google My Business and get placement on Google maps to attract prospects in your local area. When users see a local map pop up with your location on it, it helps them make the decision to visit your business in person.

Go beyond your business website

Once your website is in good shape, here are a few other things you can do to grow website traffic:

Use paid search advertising. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is like SEO on steroids, and can really make a difference in how many leads you get. Improving your PPC is the easiest and fastest way to promote your business line. Working with a marketing partner that can help you get top placement on search engines can deliver faster results than trying to do it yourself.

Capitalize on social media. Create a regular schedule for posting on social media sites where you have a presence. For best results, share images (such as photos or videos), not just text, and be sure that you’re offering something useful or entertaining to your followers. Finally, don't forget to all of your social media posts back to your website.

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Images: Shutterstock