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How to Create Newsworthy Content

I once heard a TV news journalist say that any story featuring puppies or kids is newsworthy – and she was not kidding. Some small businesses do work with dogs and kids – and we are all jealous of you! – but most of us do not. However, there are still ways we can create newsworthy content. Here are some ideas to get you going

Write strong headlines

No matter what, if you want your content to be read, it has to have an attention-grabbing, “OMG, I have to read this!” headline. It’s debatable whether Buzzfeed and Upworthy publish newsworthy content, but they are definitely masters at writing headlines that you can’t help but click on.

Use this formula to write a strong headline:

Number or trigger word + adjective + keyword + promise.

Compile facts and statistics

Facts and statistics are very newsworthy – they can support your point or disprove a theory you are not a fan of. There are a lot of numbers out there – aggregate them into one report on “The State of ___________.”

Conduct your own survey or study

Yes, this is a little more work than curating statistics that are already out there, but it can build a mind-blowing amount of brand awareness for your small business. Just be sure to get a large enough sample of data to ensure the result can stand on its own two feet.

Issue thought leadership reports

Put yourself out there and plant a stake in the ground on the topics you know a lot about. You could predict or report on trends you are seeing emerge. You could share a trail-blazing new idea you’ve been mulling. You could fight for a cause you believe in (like I’ve been doing with #nonet30 and my firm stance that NO ONE should ever work for free).

Tell an awe-inspiring story

From the earliest days of time, humans have used stories to teach and inspire. A story can absolutely be newsworthy, but it depends on the angle you take and the “wow” factor. I’ve seen memorable and impactful stories recently on a bakery that has a work-study program for disabled veterans and a preschool that is in a nursing home.

What are your tips for creating newsworthy content?