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How to Create the Best Landing Page in the Whole Wide World

A landing page exists for one reason: to convince website visitors to take an action that will plop them into your sales funnel. If people are going to your landing page, but not doing what you want them to do, you just need to make a few tweaks here and there to improve your conversion rate

Luckily, it is not hard to create a great landing page, as they all have a few elements in common. Here is how to create the best landing page in the whole wide world:

Keep text to a minimum

Use scannable headers and subheaders so visitors get the gist of what you’re offering and why it’s important for them. Keep all copy focused on them and their needs. Do not include any links that will take them off the page, or you could lose them.

Add a striking photo or image

We all know that pictures speak a thousand words, but when it comes to marketing, they can also make an emotional connection faster and better than anything else. Just make sure the photo or image you uses is simple and relevant to your offer.

Build credibility with quotes

Whether your clients are Fortune 100 companies or small mom-and-pop businesses, adding short quotes from one or three of them are a great way to quickly build credibility and demonstrate that you deliver on your promises.

Insert a real-life success story

Instead of quotes, you could use a real-life success story to build credibility. While you can keep it as text, a short (60 seconds) video that is embedded on your page will make a bigger impact.

Use a contrasting color for CTAs

Important headlines and calls-to-action should use a contrasting color so it will stand out from everything else on your page – and grab attention.

Ask for minimal information

This might be the most important element your landing page needs, because if you start asking for a lot of information – more than just name or email address – it will feel intrusive, unnecessary and probably take too long.

If your landing page needs a little help, try making some or all of the tweaks above –and let me know how well they worked!


Photo by Le Buzz on Unsplash