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How to Find Guest Bloggers: 6 Tips Marketers Swear By

Want to make your small business’s blog even more useful, relevant, and interesting? Consider working with guest bloggers. If you’re not sure how to find guest bloggers, don’t worry – you just need a strategy. Here are 6 tips that marketers swear by:

1. Ask partners and vendors

Talk to your partners and vendors about cross-posting each other’s blog posts – this works really well for a bunch of my clients. Everyone will get additional exposure and be able to showcase the expertise of people they know and like. Win-win!

2. Seek out permission to republish a great blog post

If you read a great blog post on someone else’s blog that you can would really resonate with your own audience, reach out to the author and ask for permission to republish it on your site. I have gladly agreed in the past when I’ve been approached, and, well, you won’t know unless you ask!

3. Build relationships via Twitter

It’s no secret that every blogger and journalist worth their salt is on Twitter. Follow the ones you admire, retweet and favorite their blog posts, leave comments on their blog, shoot them a note. Build a relationship – and then ask if they would guest blog for you.

4. Post guest blogging guidelines on your blog

I love this idea from Vertical Response: If you publish guest blogging guidelines on your blog, it sends a signal to bloggers and journalists that you are serious and that guest blogging is part of your business plan. Include a list of topics you are interested in, word count, and a policy for linking to the blog post.

5. Use HARO

HARO (Help A Reporter Out) might be a more unusual way to find guest bloggers, but it’s worth a shot. Put out a query looking for experts who can offer advice about a specific topic. If they are helpful, ask them if they’d be interested in guest blogging for you.

6. Be ready to share numbers

If you are pitching guest bloggers, be ready to share numbers. How much traffic does your blog posts get? What’s the churn rate? How long do they spend on your site? What’s the click-through rate? How many clients have you gotten via your blog? What’s the demographic breakdown of your readers? The more transparent you are, the better!

What else do you do find guest bloggers? Share your tips below!


Photo by on Unsplash