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How to Find Your Niche as a Blogger

This is a topic I have struggled with for years, and I think it’s something that is getting more important but harder to do as information continues to explode on the Internet.

So ... how do you find your niche as a blogger? I’m going to go the slightly annoying route and answer that with a few questions of my own, as it is the speediest way to arrive at a final answer.

What are you most passionate about?

Think about the various things you do in your business. If you could only do one of those things, what would it be? Why?

This is probably also your area of expertise, which is a good thing. To be able to write well about a subject, you have to be super knowledgeable and passionate about it, or it will likely be an uphill struggle.

There is a caveat here: You can use your blog to chronicle your journey as you learn more about a subject you are interested in. Just be sure you are comfortable sharing your failures big and small with your audience!

What pages are most popular on your website?

Take a look at your website’s analytics. Which pages get the most traffic? This is a great way to gauge what information your audience is most interested in. Hopefully, it’s the same thing you are most passionate about.

What do your clients ask you about most often?

Your FAQs are also a good way to find your niche, believe it or not. Again, this tells you what subjects/topics people are really interested in.

What differentiates you from competitors?

The same things that differentiate you from competitors can help your blog stand out. Maybe it’s your level of customer service or the quality of your products, or something more complex, like proprietary algorithms that allow you to do something faster and more accurately.

How do your friends describe you?

Personally, I think blogs are better when they are written from a very personal place, not a corporate-bland place. Let your unique voice and point-of-view shine through. Ask your friends how they’d describe you, and then keep those traits in mind as you write.

If you have found your niche, how’d you do it? If you are still struggling with how to find your niche as a blogger, what are you struggling with?


Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash