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How to Get Started With B2B Marketing on Pinterest

Think your B2B small business has no right being on Pinterest? Think again:

According to Pinterest, Pins that generate the most engagement are helpful, beautiful, and actionable.

Note that there is nothing in that statement about specific subject matter or that B2B businesses cannot produce engaging Pins (Pinterest-ese for images).

Want to give it a try? Here’s how to get started with B2B marketing on Pinterest:

Pick a goal

Of course you know this, but I am going to repeat it anyway: The first thing you need to do is set a goal. How do you want Pinterest to benefit your business?

Whether it is driving sales (Pinterest is increasingly becoming a shopping site) or just building awareness, you need to know where you’re going before you get in the (Pinterest) car and start driving (er, pinning).

Brainstorm boards

Next, you need to brainstorm boards, or collections of images, that will show off your products, visually represent your services, reflect your business’s values, and engage your target market.

For a B2B business, that might sound impossible! How does a business coach or accountant or attorney visually represent their brand and work on Pinterest? Simple: a little creativity.

  • Think about the lifestyle of your clients – what are their interests?
  • What kinds of feelings do you want your business to evoke? How are those feelings represented in nature or by activities?
  • Use interesting typography, colors, and images to share a quote, tip, or new blog post (Canva is a great tool for non-graphic designers).
  • Create a board of infographics – they are super popular on Pinterest

Create Pins people love

There are five rules when it comes to making a great Pin:

  1. Make your Pin tall: The aspect ratio needs to be 2:3.
  2. Only Pin high-quality photos: They must be high-res and well-lit.
  3. Write detailed descriptions: Include keywords to improve search results.
  4. Tell people why your Pin matters: In your description, tell people why the Pin matters to you and why they might love it too.
  5. Use your Pin to teach: Informative Pins are up to 30 percent more engaging than others.

Commit to being social on it

Pinterest is a social network, so be sure you follow other users and boards, pin images you love, add comments, and generally be as social as you are when you are scrolling through your Facebook feed.

Do you use Pinterest for B2B marketing? What additional tips can you add to my list?