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How to Write 5 Killer Calls-to-Action

Over the years, I’ve noticed one glaring omission on many small business’s websites: no calls-to-action (CTA) anywhere on the site – not even on the “Contact” page. Why is this a problem?

A CTA tells people what to do next.

Think it’s rude to tell people what to do on your website? Not if you frame it in a way that benefits them! All you have to do is explain the value they’ll get from taking that next step. The greater the value, the more likely they are to do it.

Here’s how to turn five common calls-to-action into killer calls-to-action:

Sign Up for Our Newsletter

How to frame it as a benefit: Tell people the types of valuable information they will receive in each newsletter. Insider tips? Special offers? A free digital product?

Where to put it: Every page, but make it especially prominent on your home page

Subscribe to Our Blog

How to frame it as a benefit: At the top of your blog, add a header with the name of your blog (if you have a name for it!) and a subheader with a tagline that explains what kind of content you publish.

Where to put it: At the top of your blog page in a prominent spot

Download Our Most Popular Ebook

How to frame it as a benefit: Tell people the top thing they’ll learn/biggest challenge they’ll overcome by reading your ebook.

Where to put it: In a prominent spot on your home page. You could put it in a pop-up window that appears as soon as someone lands on your home page – or any page on your website.

Start a Free Trial

How to frame it as a benefit: Well, you can’t beat the opportunity to “try before you buy,” but don’t forget to tell people how the free trial will change their life.

Where to put it: On your home page. You could also put it in a pop-up window.

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

How to frame it as a benefit: Be specific about what is included in the free consultation and be sure to highlight a tangible benefit they’ll get.

Where to put it: On the bottom of every page, and on the top of the contact page

What CTA does best on your website?


Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash