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Is B2B Facebook Marketing Back?


Earlier this summer, my team and I noticed a huge drop-off in engagement when we published an article on LinkedIn. It was eerily familiar. In fact, it reminded us of what happened to everyone doing B2B Facebook marketing a few years ago.

Almost in unison, we said, “Well, looks like someone changed their algorithm.”

At the same time, I noticed an uptick in B2C and B2B Facebook marketing (via ads and boosted posts – not Facebook Live video, though, which I find interesting). So I had to ask, “Is B2B Facebook marketing back?”

Of course, Facebook marketing never really went anywhere – it just became pay-to-play. Now that things have changed over at LinkedIn, we’ve decided to give Facebook a chance again. We revived the company Facebook page, and are putting together a strategy.

Here’s what we’re considering as part of our new B2B Facebook marketing strategy:

Create visual series of tips

Because I offer numerous tips and takeaways in each blog post I write, it only makes sense to use them in new ways. We’re going to pull out our favorites, use them to create graphics on Canva, and share them as standalone images. (We’re already doing this for one client, and it’s a big hit with her audience.)

Share quotes from blog posts

We’ll do something similar when sharing our blog posts, ebooks, infographics, etc. We’ll include an inspiring quote, gorgeous image, and the link to the content. Assuming that each piece of content contains more than one awesome quote, we can get a lot of mileage out of the content we create.

Highlight clients and partners

I have to say, we work with some amazing clients and partners. So, we’re going to start giving them shout-outs, whether it’s about a new project or providing them with a testimonial. When they see themselves tagged, they’ll likely engage with it (and hopefully share it!).

Experiment with social ad campaigns

Yup, we are going to pay-to-play and run social ad campaigns. These campaigns are still in the early development stages, but they’ll definitely include offers for free downloads.

Run a contest

Again, this is only in the very early development stage, so I’m not sure exactly what our first contest will look like. I do know this: people love to participate in contests, people love to share contests, and people love cash. And because we’re a creative agency and contests are ripe for creativity, this’ll be super fun.

Bring people “behind the scenes”

Want to know what it’s like to work from home, the beach, and a ski resort? Run a company from your dining room table? Have client meetings in awesome restaurants? Great – because I’m thinking of sharing what really happens behind the scenes.

Tell me about your B2B Facebook marketing experiences. What kind of content and campaigns have resonated the most with your target market?